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Subject: [ELDRIDGE-L] ELDRIDGE or ARLEDGE CEMETERY (Giles County, Tennessee)
Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2001 09:33:07 EDT

Subj: Re: Limestone Co, AL Arledge Cemetery
Date: 01-06-14 09:11:01 EDT
From: (Pam Wilson)
To: , (Arledge list),

Hi Donna. Thanks for the article--I'll post it to the Arledge (@tx3.com)
list and the Aldridge-L list. These Limestone Co, AL Arledges were
migrants from Fairfield Co, SC, the descendants of Isaac Arledge who had
settled in Fairfield County SC in the mid-1700s. He and two of his
brothers had come to SC from Northumberland Co VA. Isaac's grandson
Cyrus and his brother Isaac were two of the primary Arledges who moved
west into Limestone Co, AL (their brother Clement settled across the
line in Franklin Co, TN) in the 1810's. Many of Cyrus' children moved on
to Texas in the next generation or two, settling primarily in Houston Co
(Crockett) and Fannin County.

As for this cemetery, the relationship between the Coffmans and Arledges
is interesting, because I have several points of intersection with this
family in my database. I've corresponded with some Coffman/Kaufman
researchers about this family, too. I also research the Holbert/Halbert
families, since the Arledges and Holberts intermarried in western NC,
and here that family turns up too! Here is what I have pieced together
of how this family is connected to the Arledges and related families:

> Descendants of David Harmon Coffman
> 1 David Harmon Coffman b: Abt. 1750 in Lancaster Co, PA d:
Abt. March 1835 in Limestone Co AL
> .. +Elizabeth Lovell m: Abt. 1774 in Fauquier Co VA
> .......... 2 Lovell Coffman b: Abt. 1775 in Fauquier Co VA d:
February 1854 in Giles Co, TN
> .............. +Sarah Greene m: 1803 in Giles CO TN
> ...................... 3 Markham Greene Coffman b: Abt. 1820 in s/o
Lovell & Sarah Greene Coffman of Giles Co, TN; his family history in WFT 15
d: in Also married to a Miss Lewter and Miss Meyers
> .......................... +Minerva Arledge (daughter of Isaac
Arledge--brother of Cyrus--and Anna Bell) b: Bet. 1823 - 1828 in Fairfield
Co, SC; in 1850 listed in father's household; 1870 HOH Limestone Co, AL m:
May 21, 1855 in Limestone County, Alabama d: Aft. 1869
> ................................... 4 Mary Ann Coffman b: Abt. 1858
in 1870 HOH? Limestone Co, AL (may be living in another home)
> .......... 2 Nancy Coffman b: April 22, 1787 in Greene Co TN
d: October 05, 1863 in Limestone Co AL
> .............. +William Legg b: April 19, 1787 in Pittsylvania Co,
VA m: February 24, 1808 in Jefferson Co, TN d: June 10, 1865 in Limestone
> ...................... 3 Nancy Legg
> ...................... 3 John Gover Legg b: 1808 in Jefferson Co, TN
d: Aft. 1880 in Bell Co TX
> .......................... +Susannah Halbert m: 1834
> ...................... 3 Sarah Legg b: 1809
> ...................... 3 Mary G. Legg b: December 29, 1811
> ...................... 3 David Coffman Legg b: January 04, 1814 in
Jefferson Co, TN; moved to TX in late 1830s; three other wives: Roper,
Mitchell & Carlisle d: June 11, 1898
> .......................... +Mary J. Halbert m: August 27,
1835 in [or 1834?] Limestone Co, AL
> ...................... 3 Elizabeth Legg b: December 22, 1815
> ...................... 3 Edward Legg b: 1816 in Jefferson CO,
Tennessee? s/o William Legg and Nancy Coffman d: November 18, 1855 in
Limestone Co AL
> .......................... +Elizabeth Ann Arledge (daughter of Isaac
Arledge--brother of Cyrus--and Anna Bell) b: Abt. 1826 in Fairfield Co,
SC--> Limestone CO, AL m: September 11, 1845 in Limestone County, AL
> ...................... 3 Daniel M. Legg b: Abt. 1820
> ...................... 3 Andrew C. Legg b: July 24, 1820 d:
December 10, 1900
> .......................... +Martha Gray (daughter of Levin Gray and
Sarah Wade; her two half sisters Lydia and Mary Slaughter married two sons of
Cyrus Arledge, William and Joseph Arledge) b: February 17, 1836 in Limestone
Co, AL; William Arledge was guardian after father died (1837); in 1850 living
with Joseph Arledge family m: September 08, 1853 in [or 1865?] Limestone Co,
AL d: March 30, 1906 in Bur. Antioch Cemetery, Elkmont, AL

Thanks for always thinking of me when you find things. Events of my life
have taken me away from the computer and I haven't been doing very much
genealogy lately, but I've been filing away your useful emails until I
have time to get back to focus on it in more depth. So you may get
delayed responses from me months later!

Take care of yourself,


Pam Wilson

Marietta, GA

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> Hi Pam,
> You sure do great work on the Aldridge, etc. families. I found the article
> (interlibrary) on the article that I had mentioned before. Wasn't sure with
> what list that you have - what was appropriate to post to. I have thought
> that there might be a connection to the Giles Cty, TN Eldridge families to
> the Madison Cty, AL families. These (Madison Cty, AL) are primarily
> descendants of Thomas Eldridge, who is descended from Thomas Eldridge &
> Martha Bolling of Virginia (Pocahontas line).
> I would like to post the article to the Eldridge-L list, if you wouldn't
> posting the article to your appropriate list.
> I haven't had a chance to get back to the library to do any further reseach
> on North Carolina on the Aldridge/Etheridge/Eldridge, etc. families. I
> that I would like to combine the list that I had sent to you before and see
> if I can work on a "complete" census for the combinations. This will take
> some time.
> Catch you later,
> Donna

> Thelma Copeland
> In an old cemetery just across the Alabama-Tennessee line in Giles County
> Tennessee and just off the Salem-Minor Hill Road, we found some Limestone
> Countains buried. This cemetery is located on what is now the Townsend
> place. It is on a hillside and is in a very bad condition. An elderly man
> of the community told us it was called the Eldridge Cemetery but I am prone
> to believe the spelling should be Arledge. The Arledge family lived in the
> area as did the Coffman and Legg families. All these families intermarried.
> There was close to one hundred graves in this cemetery. Due to the over
> grown condition it was impossible to count them. Most had only fieldstone
> markers at the head and foot of the graves.
> Of the graves we found or uncovered the markers, we only found five which we
> could read. They were: a box tomb reading, 'Sacred to the memory of Loviel
> S. Coffman, who was born May the 7th 1775 and departed this life Jan. 25th
> 1842. He was a good husband and affectionate father.'
> A box tomb reading, 'Sacred to the memory of Sarah Coffman, who was born
> 4th 1783, departed this life March 10th 1851, at 68 yrs. 9m and 26d. She
> a good companion and kind and affectionate mother.'
> A carved field marker which had scratched on it Betty Legg-died Oct. the
> 13th 1826.
> A box tomb reading, 'William M.A., son of M. and Sarah Brookshire who was
> born Dec. 14th 1830, died Dec. 28th 1845, 15 yrs. and 14 days.
> A marker reading, 'Sacred to the memory of Samuel Smith, who was born 16th
> day of may 1785, departed thi slife 8th day of Oct. 1810.'
> There was one other marker with writing on it but it was broken and most of
> the stone was missing. There could have been others covered in growth or
> soil which we didn't find. For one of the markers we uncovered was under
> four inches of soil so there could well have been more.
> It is believed that Loviel Coffman's parents are probably buried here also.
> His father was David Coffman, Sr.
> For information on the Coffman Family see 'From Across the River', written
> by Mrs. Marjorie S. Kent and Mrs. Cornell Allred'.
> This cemetery was copied by Carol Townsend and Thelma Copeland in the Fall
> 1984. There is another cemetery on this farm we haven't been in yet.
> Source: '"LIMESTONE LEGACY" - Volume 8, October 1985

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