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From: "Ducie Hood" <>
Subject: Re:Fanny Fanackapan
Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2006 13:12:52 +1100

Hi everyone,

Gee, I haven't heard that expression used for some time, my father used to
call me Fanny Fanackapan too,(when I was uppity) his mother came from Tipton
so I presume it must have come from her.

Ducie Hood

Tweed Heads, home of Mt Warning, where the sun first kisses Australia
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Subject: Re:Fanny Fanackapan

> Helen - you're in good company!! Yours truely was often referred to as
> Fanny Fanackapan (whoever she was). I think we mainly used it when me or
> someone else was getting 'on their high horse' or being a bit pernickety!
> Sally
> Halesowen
> On 17 Jan 2006, at 17:54, wrote:
>> Was anyone else called "Fan Fanackapan"? I was when I was being a
>> particularly obnoxious brat!
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