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From: "Pat Hayward" <>
Subject: Walsall Leather Workers. Links between BRK & STS.
Date: Sun, 30 Apr 2006 20:05:17 +0100
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Rogers reply to Graham referred to workers coming to Walsall from Berkshire
and gave a possible explanation that they might be looking for work in the
leather industry.
Walsall Leather Museum's Web pages
contain some very good lists of leather workers. There are 48 names,
occupations and addresses listed from the 1801 Walsall Census.
Another list dated 1813 comes from Thomas Pearce's "History & Directory of
Walsall 1813" and then two more lists from the 1841 and the 1861 Census.
Manufacturers are listed for 1900 and 1925.
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Subject: Re: [B.C.] Transport links between Walsall and Berkshire

> The influx of people into the BC was enormous in the 19th C. A link
> between Country people and Walsall may be the Saddlery trade. Rural
> people would have been familiar with horse saddles and trappings and
> Walsall was not only a national centre of the industry, but
> internationally( empire) as well. I would be surprised if there are not
> good records of the trade in Walsall archives.

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