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From: Zoe Hughes <>
Subject: Re: [ENG-DERBYSHIRE-CHESTERFIELD] Request for Help - Hughes Arthurb1914
Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2007 11:39:35 +0100 (BST)
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Thanks Jan

We don't have any of that information! My Dad was told next to nothing when growing up and the only certificates he has are his dad's death certificate and marriage certificate. We don't even know her name, address or anything so can't do a census search, we are getting a copy of the birth certificate to try and establish some facts. Unfortunately, my father and I are the remaining Hughes, there isn't anyone else that can help us so we're a little stuck at the moment.

Thanks for the help and suggestions


Jan Gregory <> wrote: When did Arthur's mother die? Does her death certificate give you any
clues? How old was she listed as being at death?
Can you find her on 1901 Census?
Did Arthur have any siblings? Can you gain any clues from their
descendants (if any)? If three marriages, there might be half siblings
on 1901 Census. Can you gain any clues that will lead to them?
Did his mother marry a "cousin" also with surname Hughes?
The actual birth certificate might give further clues.
Births Mar 1914
HUGHES Arthur A Hughes Chesterfield 7b 1581

Good luck!
On 17/08/2007, at 4:17 AM, Zoe Hughes wrote:

> Hello
> I am trying to trace my family tree and have had problems with my
> father's side. We have no birth certificate but according to his death
> certificate he was born on 11 Jan 1914 and we know he was born in
> Chesterfield, Derbyshire. A friend has kindly located his birth parish
> record for us and it lists his mother's maiden name as Hughes which we
> always took to be her married name. As far as we have been led to
> believe by family (who are now deceased and unable to help), she was
> married three times and Arthur was the outcome of the third marriage
> but we are now starting to think he may have been illegitimate.
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