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Date: Tue, 30 Apr 2002 09:50:39 +1000
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Dear Sandie,
I've had a look at the FreeBMD site and there is no Mary Owens born in
Sunderland in 1837 online yet, though she could still be waiting to be
Don't forget that if she was born in the first half of 1837 she won't
appear in the GRO indexes at all, as civil registration didn't start
till the third quarter of that year.
You may have to start searching parish registers on microfilm. Mary
Owens is a Welsh sounding name, so you might start with non-conformist
I've pasted in a list of what the LDS have filmed, from their website.

Baptismal register, 1778-1843 North Bridge Street Presbyterian Church
Baptisms, 1766-1837 Presbyterian Church. Spring Garden Lane
(Sunderland, Durham)

Births and baptisms at Corn Market Chapel, High Street in Sunderland,
1717-1837 Independent Church (Sunderland, Durham)

Births and baptisms at the Presbyterian Chapels in Sunderland and
Wearmouth-Bishop, 1831-1837 Presbyterian Church (Sunderland, Durham)

Births and baptisms, 1797-1837 Baptist Church (Sunderland, Durhamshire)

Births and baptisms, 1811-1836 New Connexion Methodist Church. Zion
Chapel (Sunderland, Durhamshire)

Births and baptisms, 1823-1837 Flag Lane Chapel (Sunderland, Durham :
Primitive Methodist)

Burial register of St. Michael and All Angels, Sunderland, from 1567 to
1653 Poll, I. M

Church records, 1881-1887 Chester Road Congregational Church
(Sunderland, England)

Church records, 1878-1954 Unitarian Church (Sunderland, England)

Church records, 1915-1921 Catholic Church. St. Mary's (Sunderland,

Church records, 1862-1985 Catholic Church. St. Patrick (Sunderland,

Church records, 1889-1893 Sorley Street Chapel (Sunderland, Durham :
Congregational Church)

Church records, 1870-1880 Society of Friends. Sunderland Monthly
Meeting (Durhamshire, England)

Church records, 1809-1988 Catholic Church. St. Mary's, Bridge Street
(Sunderland, Durham)

Church records, 1829-1903 St. Stephen's United Presbyterian Church
(Sunderland, England)

Church records, 1796-1879 Mailing Rigg Chapel (Sunderland : United
Presbyterian Church)

Church records, 1899-1900 Grange Congregational Church (Sunderland,

Church records, 1727-1917 St. George's Chapel (Sunderland, Durham :

Church records, 1887-1899 Wilmore Street Congregational Church
(Sunderland, England)

Marriages, burials and births, 1657-1795 Society of Friends. Sunderland
Monthly Meeting (Durhamshire, England)

The old Presbyterian chapel in Maling's Rigg Hyslop, Robert

Parish register transcripts of Sunderland and various other parishes in
Durham and Northumberland, 1719-1879 Church of England. Parish Church
of Sunderland (Durham)

Parish registers, 1894-1901 Church of England. St. Hilda's Church

Parish registers, 1720-1818 Church of England. Parish Church of
Sunderland (Durham)

Record of members, 1943-1904 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day
Saints. Sunderland Branch (Durhamshire)

I know what you mean about the 1841 census pencil problem. I was
heartbroken, as I have a real problem ancestor who could have been
anywhere by 1851, but there was a good chance that he was in Sunderland
in 1841.
Good luck,

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Hi Keith and fellow listers,
I just heard back from the Sunderland Registrar. They were unable to
find the birth of my Mary Owens (1837-9) father William (based on 1881
census info for Middlesborough) in Sunderland and they
suggested the St.
Catharines Index. I've tried locating the family on the 1841
census but
it is largely unreadable. Does anyone have access to an 1851 census
index who could look up a William Owens family in Sunderland? Also are
the St Catharine's index's the English vital statistics . How do I
access? I live in Nova Scotia
Sandie Ellicott

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