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From: "David Weston" <>
Subject: [EAGDNA] New mtDNA Project participants
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2007 20:02:11 -0400


Four new mtDNA participants have been added to the Project website. By most
distant maternal ancestor, they are:

- Mary HUDSON, b. 1783, Rougham, NFK; mitoSearch ID X8G56; haplogroup T2/3

- Elizabeth HALLS, b. 1796, Stetchworth, CAM; mitoSearch ID S9YNX;
haplogroup U5a1

- Sophia TURPIN, b. 1798, Helions Bumpstead, ESS; mitoSearch ID 6Z5DA;
haplogroup HV*

- Mary SIMONS, b. 1788, East Donyland, ESS; haplogroup K

There are now 32 mtDNA profiles in the Project including the Castle Mall,
Norwich 10th century Saxon burial remains. About a third (10/32) of these
are Haplogroup H and its subclades, which compares with 50% frequency in
Europe. Of particular interest, a quarter of the profiles are Haplogroup T
(T1 and T2). This is interesting because Haplogroup T is found at frequency
of 6% across Europe. It appears East Anglia is a hot spot for this mtDNA
haplogroup. Four of the Haplogroup T's were found in the 10th century Saxon
burial site at Norwich. One possible conclusion is that Haplogroup T was
found at a high frequency amongst Saxon women. The remaining 14 mtDNA
profiles are spread across 8 haplogroups, which is reflection of the same
high genetic diversity in East Anglia seen with the YDNA participants. This
is likely due to East Anglia being the gateway to the British Isles from the
continent for millenia of Invaders, all of whom left their genetic signature
as they passed through (Celts), lingered before leaving (Romans), or stayed

For frequencies of the major mtDNA haplogroups across Europe see


And, for phylogenetic tree of mtDNA haplogroups see:


These are still very small numbers to be drawing any conclusions on. We
need more mtDNA participants, particularly from Suffolk. Currently there
are none. If you know anyone with maternal (mtDNA) roots in East Anglia who
is interested in their deep ancestry please encourage them to test. They
are welcome to join through the East Anglia DNA Project.

Cheers, David

David Weston
Project Administrator
East Anglia Geographic DNA Project

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