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From: "John R. Hughes" <>
Subject: [ERY] Wood/ Woodsworth in Yorkshire
Date: Mon, 26 Aug 2002 22:18:41 -0600
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Hello all,

I've been a subscriber to this list for quite some time, but haven't posted
anything since shortly after I joined, so here's a repost of my Yorkshire
Wood/ Woodsworth family.

My g-g-grandfather Richard Wood was born in 1803 in Sledmere, ERY, third son
of Richard Wood, (~1769 - 1830) and Maria Bolton (~1781 - 1807). I¹m not
sure where either of them were born -- possibly the East Riding, but
possibly the North Riding or elsewhere. Richard sr. and Maria were married
24 Nov 1796 and had five children. She died in Aug 1807 and Richard married
Elizabeth Bradley 29 Nov 1814 and had four more children by her. He died in
1830, and Elizabeth remarried in Feb 1833, to Robert Richardson. All these
events occurred in Sledmere.

Richard jr. left England in 1830 and moved to Canada, possibly via New York.
He settled in Toronto, changed his name to Woodsworth, and became quite well
known as an architect, builder, and lay Methodist minister. To the best of
my knowledge, the rest of the family stayed in England, most of them in the
East Riding. One of the great mysteries of this family is the use of the
name Wood by some of them and Woodsworth by others since the 1830s. I have
found absolutely zero evidence that Woodsworth was used by earlier

Children of Richard Wood and Maria Bolton:

John ‹ b Feb 1797, Sledmere; no further information, although I found a
marriage for a John Wood (b. ~ 1819, Wetwang, d. 1896, Sledmere) to Ana
Robinson ( b. 1819 Brigham, d. 1899, Sledmere), who may be his son.
Unfortunately, so far I haven¹t found any proof of a connection.

Ann ‹ b. Mar 1799; no further record of her.

William ‹ b. Mar 1801, Sledmere, d. Mar 1810, Sledmere.

Richard ‹ my g-g-grandfather, b. Mar 1803 Sledmere, d. 23 Jan 1871, Toronto,

Maria ‹ b. Jul 1805, Sledmere, d. Jan 1842, Garton on the Wolds. She married
John Hutchinson, son of William and Mary (Train) Hutchinson of Wetwang. They
lived in Garton and Skidby, and had three children; William, Richard, and
Christopher. John died in Jul 1843, also in Garton.

Children of Richard Wood and Elizabeth Bradley:

Thomas ‹ b. Nov 1818, Sledmere, d. Dec 1862, Sledmere. His first wife was
Martha Watson (b. Oct 1819), whom he married 21 Aug 1841; I have not found a
death record for her, but he remarried, to Martha Leng (b. 1819), on 14 May
1842. She died Aug 1855, and Thomas married Jane Wharram (b. ~ 1820) 23 Apr
1860. He had six children by Martha Leng; Richard (Aug 1842 - ?), Mary (Jul
1844 ­ Apr 1845) and her twin Elizabeth (Jul 1844 - ?), Maria (Oct 1847 -
?), James (Dec 1849 - ?), and Martha (Jun 1852 - ?). Elizabeth married
Thomas Marshall (b. ~ 1838) of Hutton Ambo, 30 Dec 1865 in Sledmere. I have
not found marriages or death records for any of the other children. Note:
All of them were named Woodsworth in the Parish Register, and Thomas used
Woodsworth as his name when he married Jane Wharram. He died after being
gored by a cow, according to a report in the Driffield Times and General
Advertiser of 03 Jan 1863. Thomas' oldest son, Richard, lived in Rosedale,
NRY, from the 1870s through 1890s, where he worked as a boot maker, and his
younger son, James, appears to have been in Rosedale in the early 1870s.
Both of them used Woodsworth.

Betsy ‹ b. Jul 1820, Sledmere; no other records found.

William ‹ b. Feb 1822, Sledmere, d. 3 Oct 1895, Sledmere. He married Mary
Awmack (b.1822, Westow ­ d. 11 Dec 1884, Sledmere) 1 Sep 1849 in Leake, and
they had seven children; Tamar (Apr 1850 ­ Feb 1853), Benjamin (Mar 1852 -
?), Sarah (Nov 1853 ­ Jul 1854), Jane (Jun 1855 - ?), Mary (Apr 1858 - ?),
Deborah (Aug 1860 ­ May 1861), and William (Jun 1864 - ?). Jane married
Thomas Clark, of Sledmere, 21 Dec 1872 in Sledmere. Mary may have married a
William Whitfield in late 1879. William is listed as ŒWood¹ on the baptismal
records for the first four children, but by 1858 he was using ŒWoodsworth.¹
His burial record lists him as ŒWood.¹

Jane ‹ b 9 Dec 1825, Sledmere, d. Jun 1832, Sledmere.

I would be glad to share further information on this family with anyone
who's related to these Woods.

John Hughes,
Edmonton, AB, Canada

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