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From: "Woodmancote28" <>
Subject: Picture gallery
Date: Tue, 1 Nov 2005 20:57:43 -0000

Hi list, it's been very quiet on this list recently.
I have just added some photo's to my website, of assorted groups etc. My collection of miscellaneous data for Tetbury is ever growing so I thought I ought to get some of it online! I have been slowly adding families to a dedicated family tree program, just for the Tetbury families. 1861 has been done a while, I am currently working through 1841 (3/5ths done) and adding 1851 using the online version from Gordon Beavingtons census pages. I may have to take out a Ancestry sub for the later years! It is an interesting project and I hope it will be worthwhile in helping people group families together eventually.

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