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From: Nigel Gerdes <>
Subject: Re: [King] Francis George WYTHE born ca 1885
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2007 23:13:33 +0100
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On Thursday 29 March 2007 08:58:24 you wrote:
> On Wed, 28 Mar 2007 19:14:35 +0100
> Nigel Gerdes <> wrote:
> > I have a request for information from an Australian member of the
> > WYTHE family about his grandfather.
> > Does anybody know anything about Francis George WYTHE born ca 1885
> > who later married Thirza Mary BUTLER born ca 1889?
> > They both died in Basingstoke.
> I have just found the marriage on FreeBMD
> Marriages Mar 1915: Butler Thirsa M & Wythe Francis G
> Basingstoke 2c 408
> so getting the certificate will give his parents.

Hi John and List,

Thanks to John and Dorothy for information. Thirza is spot on as my e-mailer
indicated her birthday was 2 June 1888, so that is a bit more data for John's
website for the BUTLER line.

I agree the 1915 marriage certificate looks best chance. I shall advise my
contact to obtain it. Since a Francis George WYETH or WYTHE b ca 1885 is not
showing up on records other than his marriage, I thought about it a little
more laterally. Francis is used several times in at least three generations
of connected Wyeth/Wythe all in North Hampshire. (BTW it should be Wythe.)

There is a Francis George WYETH born Oct Q 1870 Lymington RD 2b 553 at
Brockenhurst, Hants in the 1871 census age 7 months. His father is Walter, a
bricklayer, born in Basingstoke ca 1839 and married Elizabeth KITCHEN (of the
same age born at Brockenhurst) ca March Q 1861 Lymington RD 2b 675. They are
living at Brookley, Brockenhurst at the time of the 1871 census. Francis
George if it is the same one marries in 1897 to Frances Beatrice LUCAS, New
Forest RD 2b 1521 . In the 1871 census he has siblings Walter John born 1865
and Ellen born 1868. Both born at Brockenhurst. In the 1901 he has become
George H. WYETH. No doubt it is him because his mother in law is head of the
household and is Mary Ann LUCAS and his wife is Frances B. In the 1901 he is
a groom and has three children.

Walter born ca 1839 is I think the son of Timothy b ca 1795 and Ann WYETH b ca
1810 living at Wotton St Lawrence in 1841. Walter is age 3 in the 1841
census. Timothy in the 1841 census is a bricklayer. There is a large family
with Walter as the youngest. There are brothers William and Henry. Wotton St
L would be close enough to the Ramsdell Brickworks.

Finally after a long way round it appears Timothy married for the second time
in 1864 to one Sarah BUTLER (Widow) in Dec Q 1864 Basingstoke 2c 362. She was
born ca 1812 at Wotton St Lawrence. They are both at Ramsdell in the 1871 and
1881. His first wife Ann died before the 1851. In the 1851 census there is an
apprentice bricklayer Charles BUTLER born Middlesex in the household. Timothy
is recorded as Timothy WYTH in the 1851 thus took some finding. In the 1861
John and Jane Butler live next door to Timothy and his grandson James at West
Heath. However the number of BUTLER families is considerable in the area so
it could be a very long job to sort them all out.

Another Walter John WYETH is born in Southampton Registration District in Jun
Q 1896. He is the son of Walter John WYETH born 1865 at Brockenhurst.

Two possibilities are a) there are two Francis Georges who might be relatives
or b) the birth date of 1885 is wrong and the one Francis George marries
twice. The first seems the best line to follow at the moment.

However it pans out it is clear the WYETH family is far more extensive than I
thought and needs a lot more work now the census data is available on
ancestry.co.uk to trace the ones that escaped or returned later to North

Any one else able to shed any further light before we go for the certificate
on the 1915 marriage?


Nigel Gerdes

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