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From: "Colyn Blundell" <>
Subject: Re: City of Southampton - was there a Cathedral?
Date: Sun, 13 Mar 2005 23:43:51 -0000
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Hello Julie
Southampton does not have a cathedral, although it has City status.
A Cathedral is not a requirement to make a town into a city.
Guildford has a Cathedral but is not a city.


> Hi there
> I'm doing a local history assignment on the Religious Census of 1851 and
> looking at the religious establishments listed in there. Anyway this got
> thinking about Southampton - it's been a while since I've really looked
> place - but I can't remember if there is or was actually a Cathedral in
> City. I remember that that is usually the reason a City is a City, but
> searching on the internet, I can't find a reference to a Southampton
> although I have tried St Mary's as the only "big church" name I can
remember. Am
> I missing an obvious or is there no Cathedral and Southampton got
> City-status because of its port?
> Any help would be appreciated
> Many thanks
> Julie Williamson
> Stoke-on-Trent

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