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From: "Chris & Caroline" <>
Subject: Sway Snippets - the final tour
Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2006 00:35:35 +0100

This will be the last of these for the time being but hopefully will do some
more later on


This "time we join Mr. Comyn at the Kettlethoms end. of
Cottagers Bead. (Middle Road), where on the comer in nearly an
acre of ground, lies James Bucklers cottage. His wife Jane is
soon to add to her young family of two, little Charles and smaller
Harriett. Nearby, on the right hand side of Cottagers Road - it
is all common land to the north - we call upon Widow ,Anna Maria
West who rents Chiverton Farm from Mr. Bond. Sixty eight years
old she relies much upon her son James, who was born in 1773, to
run the farm. She tells us of her joy in eleven year old 'Nanny'
daughter of her deceased daughter Fanny Lawrence, and of her pride
in elder son William, a sergeant in the 66th Regiment. She talks,
too, of married daughters Elizabeth, at Brockenhurst, and Mary,
wife of James Cull at Fetmore Pond.

A little way down the lane we drop in on Moses and Mary
Dowden - she was a Dore - and their four children, all girls, the
youngest in arms. Moses calls over the hedge to the cottage
next door for his younger brother Amos, so recently married to
Elizabeth, also a Dore. We all walk along to the next and last
cottage in Cottagers Road to surprise their father William Dowden
and his second wife Jane, born a Kitcher. Old William - not so
old really, he is but 65 - has many of his family around him,
In addition to Moses and Amos there is daughter Mary, married to
Reuben Holes, living around the corner in Forest Edge Road
(Manchester Road); another daughter Elizabeth, being courted by
Michael Grey and a third daughter Harriett, the wife of John
Mintern in North Sway Lane, Of course we enquire about absent
members of the family, sons Thomas in Devon and John at Milford
and yet another daughter Eliza, married and living at Portsmouth.
Reuben and Mary Holes have heard us talking and have walked round
to join us bringing their four youngest children Mary, George,
Richard and Matthew but Charlotte aged 14 and Robert two years
her junior have made themselves scarce,

Crossing over Forest Edge Road and walking a little way up
a droveway we call on the Jordan family. James Jordan married
Anne Kitcher in 1789, subsequently finding work at Portsmouth
where their three eldest children James, Charles and John were
born. By 1795 they were back in Durnstown and George, Will,
Anne and Elizabeth were added to the family, the latter being
now seven years old.

Coming back to the cottage next to the Holes we chat to
William Kitcher and his wife Jane, nee Gates. They have five
daughters, the youngest Harriett unfortunately being deaf and
dumb. Mr. Comyn makes a special fuss of her. We pass on to
the cottage (in the present St. James Road) of James and
Elizabe Gates, which they occupy with their seven children.

The eldest, James, born in 1799 followed by Joseph, William,
John, Jane, Mary and Sarah, she being a very late arrival.
Quite a family tor poor Blizabeth to look after but, in addition
she also has to care for her mother, Anne Keeping sixty five
years old and blind.

Close at hand lives hoses Kitcher, a widower, who has with
him John aJid Will Kitcher, both in their Tteens, Joseph Gates
aged 21 and Sarah Warne in her mid-thirties. Mr. Comyn calls
them lodgers but it seems likely that Sarah keeps house for them,
Moses Kitcher's children, excepting son Janes who has absconded,
are not far afield. Daughter Mary, married to Joseph Rickman;
Sarah at Beaulieu Rails; son Moses at Fetmore Pond and Anne,
married to a Rickman whom we expect to meet later. Jane his
youngest child, aged sixteen, is married to a Gates living at
Bowling Green*

Next door to Moses Kitcher lives Henry Hill and his second
wife Elizabeth. He had been a ship's Captain but, after an
accident aboard, was pensioned off, receiving £2 a year from
Trinity House. His five children by his first wife live out of
the area. Indeed, John the eldest bom in 1774 we learn is in
Scotland. Nearby is John Rickman and his wife Sarah, born a
Kitcher, the parents of Joseph the dissenter whom we met on an
earlier tour. In all they have nine children alive, four of
them still at home as well as grand-daughter Betsy Gates, child
of a deceased daughter, als'o called Betsy. James the eldest is
at Bashley but Levi, Moses and Elias live locally. Thomas,
Michael, George and Stephen, the youngest aged eight, are at home.

We move on the the next cottage to see Thomas and Sarah
Gates to have news of their elder son John, just twenty years old
working at Newtown Park Farm, Lymington, and of daughter Dovey a1
Milford. Younger son Thomas, now thirteen, and sisters Maria,
Bathia and Rachel soon turn up to see who the visitors are.
Over the road, (near the present Hare and Hounds) we call on
Levi Rickman and his wife Anne, nee Kitcher. They have two small
sons James and Elias, named after their uncles we have little

Then on to Back Lane, stronghold of the Gates fanily. First
we drop in on William and Sarah Gates, Sarah has been married
twice before, first to another Gates who fathered her two sons
John and Thomas who are in the locality - the former we are told
is busy courting Jane Kitcher. By her second marriage to a Gold
Sarah had two daughters, Mary now in Lymington and Anne, married
to George Whicher at Bowling Green. William Gates has three
children by his first marriage, young William aged twelve who is
at Arnewood but his younger brother and sister James and Maria
are at hone to liven the household.

Mr. Comyn then decides to miss a cottage or two, knowing full
well that the occupants would soon join us at the home of Thomas
Gates, the elder statesman of the family, and his wife Betty,
Mr. Comyn asks, without much hope, if there is news of their son
Benjamin, now 45 years old, or of daughter Sarah, in her thirties,
who had married a Kitcher. Both of then, as he put it, had
absconded. Their absence, however, is softened by the proximity
of other children. There is Isaac, living next door with wife
Catherine (Kitcher) and children Phoebe, Isaac and Benjamin; son
Samuel is only as far away as Pilley. Another son Thomas, also
living in Back Lane with wife Sarah (yet another Kitcher), and
their family, the eldest Hannah, aged 15, Eliza, Letitia, Mary
and Anne who is a year old. Then there is daughter Frances in
Lymington and son William at the bottom of the lane. As expected,
of Thomas' cottage, quite a gathering which leads Mr Comyn to
suggest that Durnstown should be renamed Gatestown!

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