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Subject: [HEF] Will of Thomas Badger 1620
Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2000 00:09:54 EDT


Memorandum that the xxiiijth daie of December in Anno domini 1620: Thomas
Badger late of Cleobury Mortimer in the County of Salop Taylor deceased did
make ordaine, and declare his last will & testament nuncupative in manner &
forme followinge viz.
First he did bequeathe his soule into the hands of almighty god his maker,
and his body to the earthe whereof it was made,
Item hee did bequeathe unto Margaret Elfe his mother on Cushion already
appointed out,
Item he did give and bequeath unto Willm. Badger his sonne on potte, and a
Cupp already appointed out, and also his sword and dager, The residue of all
his goods & Cattells moveable and unmoveable whatsoever unbequeathed his
debtes paid and funerall expenses performed and these his legasies in this
his laste will & testament fullfilled he did give and bequeath unto Elizabeth
Badger his wiefe whom he did constitute ordayne and make his sole executrix
truly to performe this his laste will & testament accordinge to the tenor
effect & true meaninge thereof:
wittnesses hereunto
Margaret Elfe
Jane Jeninges
Probatum fuit testamentum suprascriptum apud Ludlowe ult. die mensis
Februarij Anno domini iuxta etc. 1620 Coram magistro Gabriele Wallwin surrogat
o etc. iuramento Elizabethe Badger relicte et executricis etc. cui commissa
fuit administracio etc. de bene etc. iurat.
Exhibuit Inventarium ad summam £ix xvijs ijd

CLEOBURY MORTIMER PARISH RECORDS 1601-1638 (No mention of this family)

---------- Badger married Margaret (she must have married a second time to an
Issue: 1. Thomas Badger d. after 1620 married Elizabethe
Issue: 1. William Badger

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