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From: Gary Samson <>
Subject: Re: Family info at the museum
Date: Fri, 06 Jan 2006 19:55:56 +0000
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Hi Stuart,

Ideally, it would be useful to have the Museum's position on the form
genealogical data for deposit should take. Charles has previously
mentioned a preference for GEDCOM as these files can be imported with a
miniumum of fuss into the Museum's database, which I think is Brother's
Keeper (www.bkwin.net/). GEDCOM doesn't always provide a complete
transfer of data between different genealogy programs so it's a good
idea to keep an eye on the transfer log where any incompatibilities
ought to be recorded. The Master Genealogist (www.whollygenes.com), for
example, supports some data types that are not supported by GEDCOM 5.5
and this can lead to loss of information.

Like Jon, I've also produced family trees using spreadsheet software
(Microsoft Excel). I've found Excel gives me the right amount of control
over the information I choose to include and the way it is laid out.
There are several charting packages in Cyndi's list
(www.cyndislist.com/software.htm#Tools) that do a similar job. I've
recently designed a few trees in Microsoft Visio
(http://office.microsoft.com/visio) and am beginning to prefer the ease
with which family trees can be created using the organisational chart
template. If you want to see what Microsoft Visio can do, you can
download a free 60-day evaluation copy from Microsoft's website.

All the best


Stuart Hall wrote:
> Thanks Jon, perhaps everyone has gone abroad for Christmas and the New
> Year!
> I will sort out the relevant parts of my tree and forward them.
> Happy New Year to you Stuart

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