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From: Maureen Patricia Rossi <>
Subject: Re: [ENG-KEN-WOODCHURCH] George Family and Thomas Wood/ LucyGeorge/Edmund Ballard.
Date: Sat, 5 Jul 2008 19:43:43 +0100
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I have just noted that I made an error with my maths , " so the Vicar may have been born in 1860.." should have read 1760. Maureen.
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> Date: Thu, 3 Jul 2008 14:42:10 +0100
> Subject: Re: [ENG-KEN-WOODCHURCH] George Family and Thomas Wood/ Lucy George/Edmund Ballard.
> Hello Lois and The George Family,
> Just to add a few notes to Josie's information, I have the supposed father of Richard Wood George , Thomas Wood born around 1751 and he died in 1800. I will have to have a good look through my notes for the source of this information. So we have this Thomas Wood, The Thomas Wood born in Woodchurch in 1727 and the Thomas Wood who was a Curate in Woodchurch according to one source in 1798-1803 or a Parish Clerk in 1798 and 1804 from the Woodchurch Records.
> I 've just found my copy of Ashford Church by Charles Igglesden (1924) on page 69 the Author mentions that on the floor of the Chancel there is a stone slab with a cross cut in it with lettering recording the death of the Rev. Thomas Wood who was for 21 years the Vicar of Ashford and died in 1847. Another page gives the date 1826 when he became the Vicar. No age is given in the book...I will have to go into the Church and see if the stone slab is still there, next time I am in Ashford. A further note, a mention of Thomas Wood perhaps aged 66 in 1826, regarding Ashford and Rochester ..presumably the religious records...came up when I had a search on google. So the Vicar may have been born in 1860. Richard Wood George was born in 1776 in Woodchurch.
> Just another quick note , Lucy George, Richard's mother married Edmund Ballard and had six more children (Paul Ballard Website).
> Regards, Maureen.
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>> Subject: Re: [ENG-KEN-WOODCHURCH] George Family :Richard Wood George andSusannah Holy...
>> Dear George Family,
>> I've been following your saga with great interest, but I'd like to reiterate
>> a question of my own. This all started with Thomas Wood, Lucy George and her
>> son Richard Wood George. You've followed Lucy's family through the generations
>> However, I'd like to find out more about Thomas Wood, Richard's presumptive
>> father. Can anyhone help me find out more about that Thomas Wood? Was he a
>> member of the Wood family who had lived in Kenardington and Woodchujrch for many
>> years? Is he the same Thomas Wood who was buried in Ashford, in 1841 and
>> listed as vicar in St. Mary's in Ashford? Was he married?
>> .
>> Any ideas would be most welcome!
>> Lois
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