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Subject: RE: Turton Tower Bolton and the Kay family
Date: Sat, 19 Nov 2005 14:01:08 +1100
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Mr. J. C. Scholes of Newport Street, Bolton wrote a letter to the Editor of
the Bolton Chronicle (no date but apparently in late 1800's) giving his
opinion on the genealogy of the Kay family as follows:-

In J.D.G.'s Early History of the Crown and Cushion which appeared in your
"Local Sketches" of last Saturday, reference was made to a James Kay, yeoman
of Turton "who" the wrier carefully observes, "might possibly be grandsire
to the surviving resident and owner of Turton Tower. The former was born at
Edgefold Farm near Turton Tower and in a defunct London magazine his death
is thus recorded." Here he subjoins the obituary extract of a Mr. James
Kay, who died "near Bolton on the 1st July, 1802 at the age of 68."
"From the evidence which I purpose to set forth it will be found quite
impossible for the Mr. Kay, whose death is referred to with such feeling and
pathos by the "defunct magazine" to have been an ancestor of the present
Lord of the Manor of Turton, much less the founder of the Kays at the Tower.
"Going back some five generations we find a family of Kay's (sic) abiding in
Entwisle (sic) the heads of which were Arthur and Mary. Arthur died
anterior to 1770, and his wife in January of that year. They had issue
three sons and four daughters. It is the males descendants I intend to deal
with as pithily as possibly (sic) viz:-
I.- James, born about 1720, died July 1800. Had issue (amongst others) a
son James, who was born 1777.
II. - John, born about 1723 died before 1810. Had issue (amongst others) a
son, James who was born 1773, supposed to have died March, 1806.
III. - Joseph, born March, 1736, died January 1810. Had issue (amongst
others) a son, James, who was born 1774, died February 1857.
Proceeding with Joseph's line, we find that amongst his offspring was one
James (as already given). James was born at Edge-fold Farm, Entwisle, in
1774, and baptised on the 20th March of that year. In 1835 at the age of
61, he purchased Turton Tower and the bulk of the old manor estates from the
collateral heirs of the celebrated Humphrey Chetham, and was one of the
ardent promoters of the erection of the present Turton Church in 1841. He
resided at the Tower until his death, which took place on the 10th February,
1857 and was interred in a vault at the south-east corner of the sacred
edifice, towards which he had contributed so freely. By his marriage with
Elizabeth Helme, or Aldgate, he had five sons and one daughter. One of the
former was called James, who (after his father's death) continued to live at
the Tower. On the 4th November, 1876, this last James died, after having
issue of three sons and the same number of daughters. The eldest of this
family was also christened James, who in due time succeeded to the estates,
and still retains his rights.

To be continued.....................


Kathryn wrote:.
^ I am researcing into the Kay family of Turton Towers ABOUT 1835 UNTIL

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