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Interesting: I still can't think it can be anything but Ald. Jere(miah) Barstow. Do you think 'd. of' or 'widow of' might have gone missing somewhere along the line? I'm pretty sure women were never allowed to be Aldermen until the 20th century.

Terry and Tracey <> wrote:Thnaks very much. However, I neglected to say that Jere. Ald is a female. Is
is written as the second wife of one of the people in the tree.

Sam. Foxcroft ==>2. Ald. Jere.
obt. 10 Oct 1713 Barstow of Leeds
s.p ob s.p. 20 Aug

I hope this emails OK.

Thanks again. It makes things so much clearer!

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Com. Lane should be Com. Lanc. = Comitatus Lancastriensis = County of
Lancaster = Lancashire! Tatham is about 10 miles up the Lune Valley from
Lancaster. Not being sure of my Latin, I put that into google and came up
with the following site where you find it under L.


Jere. should be Jeremiah or Jeremy. Ald. is Alderman.

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