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Subject: RE: Abram Williams Railway signal linesman Bamber Bridge
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Does the LRO not have any records for the orphanage?
Just a thought.

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> Hi, Derek,
> I gather from your note that you are till struggling. Perhaps I can chip
in a few
> thoughts. you said
> >Llewellyn's dad was Abram (Abraham) Williams and is supposed to have been
born in
> Mostyn N.Wales but there is no record of him there and the 1891 census
does not
> record him either. <
> I wonder if he was born in Moston, Manchester. If people were told that he
was born
> in Moston, and he has the name Llewellyn Williams, he must be from Wales,
> It may be worth checking the GRO birth Indexes again for ANY Llewellyn
> 1884 +/- 2 years, and particularly for any born in the registration
districts of
> Manchester or Prestwich.
> >Other children were ... Ada and finally Llewellyn (second name Culton?)
The latter
> two were boarded after Abram's death at the Harris Orphanage, Preston?<
> Harris was an Anglican clergyman, possibly Vicar of Preston, in Victorian
times and
> he was very generous to the town, hence the Harris Library. He was also
> about the needs of children and endowed the Harris Orphanage. It would
seem that
> that institution and the corresponding RC ones there was no need for the
Board of
> Guardians to establish their own. These orphanages provided care and
protection to
> children in need until the 1950s, when social services legislation
demanded that
> children were cared for in small family units, and by about 1960 all these
> had closed. The question for us is "Are there any records?". For the
> institutions, the answer is "Maybe". At this time the philosophy was "Give
> children a new start, and lose the traumatic baggage they had brought with
> experts were not aware of how deep is the need to know family and who we
are. The
> records may have been well kept when the institution was open and be quite
> Or, they may have been little more that Admission and Discharge Registers.
> the last forty years, there has been an increase demand that we get value
for money
> from out rates, etc. The storage of old records of this nature was seen to
> little use and almost no value, so if space was needed the records may
have gone.
> may be worth trying the following places for information about the
whereabouts of
> records of the Harris Orphanage -
> The Social Services Department in Preston
> The Children's Service Department of the Anglican Diocese of Blackburn
> Someone on the list can probably give you precise details of the
addresses, and
> the person to try to talk to. If not, it may be worth looking at
> www.genuki.org.uk/big/LAN and looking at Towns & Parishes - top right hand
> opening page.
> It is likely that someone had to pay for, or at least contribute to, the
upkeep of
> these two children, and this was probably the Board of Guardians. Someone
on the
> may know where these records are to be found.
> Have you found the marriage of Llewellyn and Hannah? This should give
> father's name and he should be on the 1881 Census Transcript CD. This may
> alternative ideas about Llewellyn's birthplace. One final thought, have
you looked
> the Anglican Baptism Records for Bamber Bridge? Sometimes, god-parents
> and the names may revive memories.
> Hope this helps
> Jim Lancaster (Bury, LAN)
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> Subject: Abram Williams Railway signal linesman Bamber Bridge

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