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From: "Sheila Wilson" <>
Date: Sun, 9 Feb 2003 11:27:00 -0000
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Hi Foax,

I have kept this offering from Pauline on my hard drive, tidied it up a bit
to make it a little more presentable as a word document. I will also add to
it as and when any of you point out that you have another 'alias' or
'endearment' to add to the list. I too have added a couple of my own, from
what I know from my own family. I would imagine that many terms of
endearment may well be regional too. For example my own grandmother's name
was Ellen (not Helen) but was known as Nellie or Nell, a sister of her's was
named Frances but was known as Fanny and not Fran. Their mother was called
Amanda but was never referred to as Mandy, which I suspect is fairly
modern.One thing that did strike me was that the list of male names of
endearment was much shorter than the female list.

Sheila Wilson
North Lincolnshire U.K.
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