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From: "John Emerson" <>
Subject: [LIN] Contemp. Biographies of Lincs 1907 - ladies surnames
Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2002 23:59:38 +0100

This list is compiled from the above book, by searching through all the male biographies looking to see
who they married. As far as I know all the surnames given are their maiden surname. If the biography
shows that the woman was previously married, and the previous married name is shown, that previous
marriage forename and surname will be in brackets. Please quote the page number at the end of the line,
together with the full name, as this will help me to find the necessary information about their husband.
These are the ladies from the Clergy section:

I doubt that many of these people will fit with Lincs trees, mainly because a lot of them came from other
counties; probably because of their husbands moving parishes quite regularly, and marrying before their
arrival in Lincolnshire.

BALL Mary, daug of John Ball, of Greasley, Nottingham p192
BALMAIN Eliza Harriett, daug of Major Fletcher Norton Balmain p185
BAYLY, Mary Elizabeth, daug of Robert Bayly p178
BEADON Georgina Sarah, daug of Captain Beadon R.N. p188
BEEVOR Elizabeth, daug of H. Beevor, Blyth, Nottingham p193
BODDY Edith M.W., daug of Rev. G.Y. Boddy, Vicar of Colgate, Sussex p183
BOND Ursula, daug of Venerable John Bond p188
BOOTH Jane Margaret, daug of Rev. Thomas Booth, M.A. of Friskney p184
BRINDLEY Cordelia, daug of William Brindley of Burslem p197
BROMHEAD Frances Annie, daug of John Bromhead p181
BROWN Gertrude Mary, daug of Pereira Brown p186
BROWN-CONSTABLE Margaret Augusta, father name not shown p209
BRUCE Elizabeth Cecilia, daug of Dr. Robert Bruce p179
BURN Ellen Mary, daug of George Adam Burn p210
CARROLL Ethel Lina Maud Mary, daug of Rev. Frederick Carroll p199
COLTMAN Laura T., daug of William J. Coltman p183
COOPER Caroline, daug of Rev. William Cooper p179
CRAM Eleanor, daug of Henry Cram of Caemain, Dwygyfylchi, North Wales p177
DAVY Elizabeth, daug of John Davy of Chulmleigh, North Devon p200
DAWN Frances Elizabeth Christiana, daug of James Dawn p190
DELVES Emily Fearon, daug of William Delves of Kent p177
DICKINSON Emily, daug of Charles Sampson Dickinson p205
DOWARD Ellen Maud, father not named (widow of Dr. Hugh GEORGE) p185
DUNNE Marion Edith, daug of Rev. Joseph Dunne p205
EDIAL Sarah Fern, daug of Randal Bradburne Edial of Lichfield p191
ELLIOTT Mary, daug of Rev. J.R.U. Elliott, M.A. p179
ELLIOTT Phoebe, daug of Rev. J.R. Elliott, p198
ELLIS Florence Mary, daug of Arthur Ellis of Clifton, Bristol p188
FRANKLIN Henrietta Weekes, father not named p184
FYNMORE Agnes Hope, daug of William Fynmore, R.N. of Cornwall p207
GAINSFORD Mary Elizabeth, daug of R.J. Gainsford of Sheffield p209
GLADSTONE Agnes, daug of Right Hon. William Ewart Gladstone, M.P. p178
GORDON Alice Elizabeth, daug of Very Rev. George Gordon p210
GRAY Mary Margaret Anne, daug of James Gray of Hackenthorpe, Derby p204
GRIESBACH Sophia Ethel, daug of Sydney Griesbach of Leeds p206
HAIRBY Harriet M., daug of J. Hairby, M.D. p184
HARRISON Annette Maria, daug of Frederick George Harrison of Darlington p199
HAYS Frances Eveline, daug of Rev. Canon Hays, Rector of Navemby p186
HOBSON Averilladay Mary, daug of William Henry Hobson p200
HOLMES Edith, daug of Canon Holmes, Vicar of St. Pauls, Dorking, Surrey p181
HUGHES Myra Kate, daug of Rev. John Gwynne Hughes of Maldon p189
IREMONGER Grace Sydney, daug of Col. Iremonger p185
JACKSON Amelia Gervis, daug of George Henry Jackson, M.D. of Tottenham p211
JACKSON Mary, daug of the late Bishop Jackson of London p200
KILN Emily Charlotte, daug of Richard Kiln of Fareham, Hampshire p212
LEES Alice, daug of Thomas Lees, of Manchester p194
LYON Edith M, daug of Edward Lyon of Johnson Hall, Staffs p202
MACKEY Ella, daug of David Mackey of Donegal p202
MASON Gertrude, daug of George Henry Mason p203
MOORE Frances Caroline, daug of Rev. C. Moore p180
MORRIS Joanna, daug of Rev. A.P. Morris p211
MOYNIHAN Ada Augusta, daug of Captain Moynihan V.S. p189
NEVILLE Charlotte Sarah, daug of Francis Neville of Luton p195
PARSON Dora, daug of Rev. William Henry Parson, Vicar of Lynchmere, Surrey p182
PATEY Lucy Russell, daug of Rev. T.M. Patey p209
PAYNE Catherine Ethel, daug of H. Wood Payne p212
POOLEY Emma Louisa, daug of Canon Pooley p181
PRESCOTT Julia Anne, daug of Rev. John Prescott p179
PRICE Gladys Maud, daug of Charles John Price of Esher, Surrey p208
RADCLIFFE Emily, daug of Charles Radcliffe of Bottesford Notts p207
RHODES Beatrice Helen, daug of James Rhodes of Rotherham, Yorks p187
RICHARDSON Paula Mary, daug of Henry Richardson, J.P., of Ardsley, Yorks p193
ROE Anna Camilla, daug of Richard Roe of Gnoaton Hall, Devonshire p196
RYLANDS Elizabeth, daug of Joseph Rylands, of Sutton Grange, Yorkshire p195
SALT Emma, daug of William Salt, of Rolleston p193
SCOTT-LAWRENCE Alice Maud, daug of William Scott-Lawrence of Stapleton, Gloucs p180
SHARPLEY Katharine Marguerite, daug of Coates Sharpley p204
SOLE Mary, daug of William Sole, M.D., of St. Neots, Hunts p192
SMITH Harriett Eliza, daug of Mrs Denman Smith, Regents Park, London p183
SMITH Lily, daug of Joseph Smith of Boscombe Hants p203
SMYTH Emily Mary, daug of Rev. Canon James Grenville Smyth p208
SOPER Emily Sophia, daug of Rev. J. Soper p203
STANFORD Louisa, father not named, of Lucan, Dublin Ireland p208
STEPHENSON Eleanor Ada, daug of Leslie W. Stephenson of Alford, Lincs p202
STRAWBRIDGE Eliza Ellen, daug of Rev. Alfred Strawbridge p198
TAYLOR Edith Muriel, daug of Walter R. Taylor of Roby Liverpool p211
TAYLOR Lucy Collingwood, daug of Rev. Robert Taylor, Vicar of Warthill, Yorks p184
THURNALL Helen Maria, daug of Dr. William Thurnall of Bedford p208
TREGARTHEN Katherine Jane, daug of Captain James Tregarthen of Santa Fe p189
UMFREVILLE Mabel, daug of Charles Samuel Umfreville, J.P., of Kent p204
VINCENT Selina Grace, daug of Robert Vincent of Chaffcombe, Somerset p191
WALKER Fanny Louisa, daug of Sir Edward Samuel Walker of Mansfield, Notts p196
WARD Ellen Amelia, daug of Rev. George Sutton Ward p179
WARNER Ann Henrietta, daug of Rev. D.H. Lee Warner of Walsingham Abbey, Norfolk p190
WARNER Charlotte Anne, daug of Thomas Warner p210
WIENHOLT Emma, daug of John Birkett Wienholt of Carmarthenshire p188
WINTER Elinor Mary, daug of Rev. George William Winter, of Litcham Norfolk p186
WOOD Julia Maud, daug of John Wood of Frizinghall, Bradford, Yorks p191
WOODLAND Alice, daug of Joseph Woodland of Salford, Lancashire p198
WORDSWORTH Dora, daug of Christopher Wordsworth p181
WRIGHT Henrietta Mary, daug of Rev. T.B. Wright p212

Hope somebody can make some matches with the above
John Emerson
(Boston, Lincs)

One name study of Emerson's in Lincolnshire

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