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Subject: Re: [LIN] BATTLE OF ancaster heath
Date: Mon, 08 Sep 2003 17:33:10 -0700
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Thanks, Lynda,

I'm going to guess that Ancaster Heath is not the battle where
Grantham was seized - that appears to have been in March, 1643.

The website for St. Sebastian's church in Great Gonerby refers to
"Marston Moor", but I think that name is in error. I do know that
there is land described as a moor between Gt. Gonerby and Marston.

The Great North Road website gets confused because it talks about
the battle as Gonerby Moor near the beginning, but if you page down a
bit, it starts refering to Marston Moor and 1644, so they've got the
wrong place and year. Several of the Directories I have on CD refer
in their Grantham section about the taking of the town by Cromwell,
but don't mention a battlefield. Here's what White's 1842 Directory
tells us under "Grantham" in Lovedon Wapentake:

"On the 22nd of March, 1643, this place was taken, for King Charles
I, by the forces under Colonel Charles Cavendish, who made 360
prisoners, with all the captains and officers, together with three
loads of arms and ammunition, and afterwards demolished the works;
but it was, shortly afterwards, re-taken by the Parliamentarians,
under the command of Cromwell..."

There may not have been a battlefield. Cromwell's troops may
have attacked from the Moor and seized the town. I could speculate
several other possibilities. But I was hoping that some local
historian would be able to put Cromwell on his horse, exactly 1.2
miles NNE of the present site of St. Sebastian's, etc... I am SUCH
an optomist. Sigh.

But it was brought to my attention that Marston Moor in 1644 it
weren't. That was a tad north.


On 7 Sep 2003 at 22:49, lynda hall wrote:

> A battle was fought at Ancaster Heath. the Earl of Lincoln and Lord
> Willoughby of Parham. sent 800 horse and 200 dragoons commanded by
> Young Hotham. after the defeat Cormwell move into area.
> This seems to have happened after march 1643 and before may 1643 when
> cromwell was planing to attack newark. an attack took place at belton
> park the dead where buried . and record in Belton PR MAY 1643. 3
> Soldiers slain.
> hope these name may help to fix a date LYNDA.
> same book as before.
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