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From: Rob Campbell <>
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2001 21:22:06 +0100


Archibald COLES age 65 and William WHITTLE aged 38, committed to 1months
hard labour for intent to commit a felony, frequented streets inducing
strangers to go in public-houses and join in 3 card trick. Apprehended
by Det Serg BAXTER after being watched for some time.

John G. GLOVER aged 32 Pawn broker brought up for making false entries
and defrauding the books of Alfred HARDAKER Pawn broker West Derby Rd.

John LEECH alias LYNCH middle aged charged with obtaining money by false
Observed by P. C. BRANDICK going to different houses in Old Swan
collecting money for a friend in prison who had defaulted paying 20s
fine. He had a piece of paper with subscriptions for McCANN for his
release written on it. FRAUD Imths hard labour.

Catherine CURL, 2 Court Virgil St, Catherine UMBERS, 48 Virgil St,
Summoned for threatening to assault Margaret GARRETTY Virginia St.
While going along Great Homer St CURL threatened that next time she saw
she would bite her nose off, then she would have lost a nose as well as
a finger.
UMBERS, CURLS daughter said not to do that but pour vitriol over her so
she would be blinded and led round by a dog. Curl argued that GARRETTY
called her a Cannibal and would shout,"Where is your gaol Cuckoo". [an
allusion to a child born in prison].
- Long standing feud £10 fine all parties to keep the peace.

George HAYES aged 26, charged with stealing a watch from Owen Henry
RIMMER a farmer from Halsall nr Ormskirk. Watch was pledged by HAYES at
a pawn shop of PARR and MORDAUNT Islington. He said he bought it from a
sailor in the Sailors Home for 15s
No proof released.

Joseph ARCHIBALD age 30 charged with stealing £3 10s from th Parnell
Tontine Society Byrom St of which he was treasurer, never banked the
money, found guilty hard labour 3mths

William TAYLOR Wholesale fruit merchant, assaulted Thomas CHERRY retail
fruit dealer 62 Prescor Rd after getting bad fruit. fined 20s


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