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Subject: [ENG-MAN] TAYLOR, KAY - 1800
Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2002 04:32:22 EST

Hi Richard

and Renshaw, attornies, 10 Marsden Street
Lydia, New Bayley Street, Salford
John, shoe maker, Hanover Street
James, shoe warehouse, 8 Old Mill Gate
Richard, Castle Inn, and livery stables, 28 Hunts Bank
James, fustian calenderer, 45 Booth Street
John, warehouseman, 4 Calender Street
Christopher, tailor and draper, Exchange Place
William, joiner, 19 St James Street
John, fustian cutter, 45 Brown Street, Salford
William, 18 Green Gate, Salford
Sarah, 21 Lombard Street
Thomas, traveller, 4 St James Street
Parsons & Co., calico manufacturers, Watling Street
William, cotton throwster, 3 Kings Head Yard, Salford
James, tailor, 168 Chapel Street, Salford
James, tailor, habit & robe makers, and clerk of St Ann's Church, 14 St Ann's
Richard, flour dealers, 10 Broken Bank, Salford
Alice, 66 Bridge Street
Alexander, cotton and twist dealer, 13 King Street, house 10 Byrom Street
Richard, (Stand) fustian manufacturer, 14 Bank Street
Thomas, muslin warehouse, Fothergills Court
William, timber merchant, Bond Street
Minshall, 52 Fleet Street
Ellen, 64 Pott Street
James, weaver, 1 Little John Street
James & Co., (Bass Lane near Bury) fustian manufacturer, 2 Red Lion Street,
Back Square
Robert, (Rochdale) fustian manufacturer, 2 Red Lion Street, Back Square
John, (Little Lever) quilting manufacturer, 2 Manchester Tavern Yard
Ann, potatoe dealer, Shudehill

James, commissioner, 46 Spencers Entry, house 33 Alport Street
Samuel, flour dealer, 59 Lombard Street
T. T., manufacturer, Sugar Lane, house 10 Great Lever Street
William, shoemaker, 16 Deansgate
Withington & Taylor, check and cotton manufacturers, 4 Church Street
Betty, victualler, Sheers, 30 Green Gate, Salford
Joseph and Son, clothiers, 3 Dale Street
Benjamin, millwright, Great Newton Street
John, school master, Hulme
George, tailor, 3 Turner Street
William (Bolton) muslin manufacturers, Abrahams Court
Joseph, west dealer, 34 Canon Street
Matthew, clog and patern maker, 71 Alport Street
Sarah, 92 Deansgate
John, corn dealer, 1 Green Street
George (Ratcliffe) fustian manufacturer, Boar's Head, Hanging Ditch
John, (Whitefield) bleacher, White Lion, Hanging Ditch
and Withington, check and cotton manufacturers, 3 Tippings Court
William, 17 Chapel Street
Ann, 16 Bark Street
George, calenderer, 12 Birchin Lane
Richard, calico printer, Hulme
John, flour dealer, top of Bootle Street
Joshua, picker maker, Blue Boar Court, house 84 Water Street
George, hatter, 24 Cook Street, Salford
Hindle & Co., (Bolton) cotton manufacturers, Ridings Court
Francis, plumber and glazier, 4 Brown Street
Matthew, woollen draper, 7 Market Street Lane
Richard, calico printers, Hulme
John, cotton spinner, Back Piccadily
John, corn factor, 10 Tib Street
Mary, fustian cutter, 23 Deal Street, Salford
James, bookkeeper, 27 Richmond Street
Richard, smallware manufacturer, Newton Street
John, joiner, Southgate
William, 22 New Street
James, bookkeeper, James' Street
John, stone mason, 20 Birtles' Square, Salford
James, machine maker, Cross Street, Salford
John, iron founder, 34 John Street, Salford
Sarah, milliner, 48 Shudehill
John, joiner, 9 Dawsons Court, Salford
John, attorney, 17 Ridgefield
Samuel, fustian cutter, 30 Blakeley Street
John, butcher, Alport Lane
James, turner in wood and metal, 14 Foundery Street
Peter, Holt Town
Alexander M. D., 11 Mosley Street
John, wire worker and pin maker, 10 Thomas Street
Edward, hair dresser, 13 Church Street
John, cabinet maker, 28 Great Newton Street
John, corn dealer, 10 Swan Street
Peter, victualler, Fleece, 24 Oak Street
John, victualler, Rising Son, Swan Street
Francis, inspector of the fire engines, 33 Turner Street
Thomas, tailor &c., 5 Ridgefield
William, bookkeeper, 8 Tippings Court
Isaac, shoe warehouse, 8 Hanging Ditch
John, bread baker, 26 Long Mill Gate
Thomas, attorney, Old Exchange (died 28th Jan 1801 Deputy. Stewd. of Salford
Court, Successor Edward THRELFALL, attorney Bolton)
John, victualler, Flower Pot, 17 Alport Lane
John, blacksmith and farrier, 54 Alport Street
Widow, 2 Princess Street
Robert, bookkeeper, 15 Priestner Street
William, bookseller and stationer, 5 Hanging Ditch
John, steward, 19 Southgate
John, woollen manufacturer, house 18 Oldham Street
James, tailor, 10 Butter Lane
James, slop seller, 82 Alport Street
and Dale, hat manufacturer, Back Parade, St Mary's
Peter, flour dealer, 124 Long Mill Gate
James, cotton manufacturer, 74 Hanover Street
Richard, tailor, 56 Leigh Street
Roger, fustian manufacturer, house Hulme
Lawrence, bookkeeper, 17 Beswicks Row
Abraham, plaisterer, 17 Rayner Street
William, flour dealer, 8 Greengate, Salford
Samuel, stay maker, 88 Chapel Street, Salford
John, (Royton) cotton manufacturer, New Boar's Head, Hyde Cross
William, Upper Irwell Street
Peter, 24 Longworth Street
Samson, (Ashton) machine maker, New Boar's Head, Hyde Cross
John & James, (Newton Moor) cotton manufacturers, George and Dragon, Withy
William, (Royton) cotton manufacturer, New Boar's Head, Hyde Cross
John Lyon, (Rochdale) hat manufacturer, White Lion, Hanging Ditch
Thomas, hat manufacturer, 20 Bridge Street
and Weston, fustian manufacturers, Bayley's Court
Charles, fustian cutter, 29 Spinningfield

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