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From: "Christine Ellis" <>
Subject: Re: [ENG-STS-SEDGLEY] Rebeccah WATSON
Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2008 13:34:28 +1100
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Hallo again Dennis

Needed a mental break from some name sorting in my own research (but funnily
enough ended up in the same area I am researching) so found the following
for you to sort through:

If your Hannah is the one baptised in 1830 (though I assume she actually
married later than 1840) in Smethwick you will have the baptisms of her
siblings - parents George and Sarah Watson.

Havent had any luck so far with the family on the 1841 but using the sibling
info. found them in

1851 Old Milverton WAR
George 60 Born Ely Cambridgeshire
Sarah 58 born Dalham Suffolk
George 20 born Smethwick STS
Caroline Price daughter 22 born Smethwick STS
William Price son in law 21 born Stratford WAR
Elizabeth Price granddaughter 1 month born Milverton WAR

George appears to have died prior to 1861 and Caroline's first husband has
died and she has remarried.

1861 Harborne
Caroline Clark 33 born Smethwick
Samuel Clark 58 born Bradley Devon
Elizabeth Price 11 born Milverton
Emily Louise Clark 3 born Milverton
Martha Ann Clark 8 months born Smethwick

1861 Harborne
Sarah Watson 68 born Dalham Suffolk lodger with John Sorrell 51 and family

Caroline's second husband has died and she has remarried once again

1871 Hargrave Suffolk
Caroline Seeley 42 born Smethwick
Charles Seely 41 born Dalham Suffolk
Charles H Seeley 4 born Hargrave
George W Seeley 3 born Hargrave
Emily L Clarke 12 born Milverton
Martha A Clarke 10 born Smethwick
Plus Sarah Watson Mother 79 born Dalham Suffolk

And then to my amazement came the name I am searching in that area of
Suffolk (Clary)

1881 Aston WAR
Caroline Seeley 52 born Smethwick with married daughter
Martha A Clarey 20 born Smethwick
James Clarey 23 born Hargrave
Charles J Clarey 3 months born Birmingham

If it looks as if this is your Rebecca's family let me know and if you don't
have access to the images I can send them to you.

Christine E

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