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From: "Chris Townsend" <>
Subject: Re: [SRY] Maurice Abbott clothier and Alice Marsh of Giuldford Surrey 1520-1606
Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2004 07:44:03 -0000


What evidence do you have that the George Abbott who went to Rowley Mass.
was related to the Abbott family of Guildford?

Archbishop George Abbott's will was proved in PCC in 1633, and those of
Robert Abbott, Bishop of Salisbury in 1618 and Sir Maurice Abbott, Alderman
of London in 1644. Have you studied these wills? All three men have
extensive entries in the DNB, with source references given, which you could

Hope this helps,

Chris Townsend

>I would like to Find more information on My 11th grandfather Sir Morris
>I have found extensive history on George born in Guildford, Surrey
(Archbishop 1611-1632) and a little on Sir Morris Knighted April 12 1625
Bur Dec 7th 1642 at St Stephens Ch Coleman St London.
>The coat of arms borne by Sir Morris Abbott and his brother George, the
Archbishop may be blazoned: Gules, a chevron between three pears stalked
or. The crest of the brothers was Out of ducal coronet a unicorn,s head or
between two ostrich feathers argent.
>I have found there Father was Maurice Abbot of Guilford, Surrey (born
Abt.1520 Died Sept 25th 1606 ) (Married June 30, 1548 to Alice March or
Marsh Born abt. 1526 she died the Sept.15th 1606) (he was a clothier and I
have a Note that says he was prosecuted for Attachment To the Protestant
>Maurice and Alice had Six Sons Richard, Anthony, Robert, George Morris,
and John.
>The questions that I need to have answered are as follows:
>I. What gave them the right to bear a Ducal Cornet ?
>2 Were the Pears connected to the Cistercian Abbey of old warden Pears? If
not what other meaning is there for there use?
>3. What was the reason for the use of a Unicorn and/or the Ostrich
>4. Why was Sir Morris Abbott Knighted ?
>I need to confirm which George Abbot. came to America in 1638 they came to
Rowley Mass. and there was also A Thomas and Thomas Jr. whose names don't
show up in the Decedents of Maurice Abbott, George or Sir Morris's Father. I
believe that the Thomas May have been Maurice's nephew and that its possible
that George (Archbishop) was the George That is mentioned as Financing the
Company of Reverend Ezekiel Rodgers (puritan) son of Rev Richard Rodgers
(weathersfield, Essex England) rather than an actual George going to Rowley
Mass. the George that is mentioned as going to Rowley evidently Arrived in
1642 and Died in 1647. and he had a son named George so by c..1675 there was
Thomas and George Jr. owning property there. also this group was largely
made up of clothworkers.

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