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Subject: Re: [B'ham] St.James Ashted Church
Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2001 00:11:04 +0100

Dear Barbara
This cutting is from an old newspaper article that is in the archives
department at Birmingham Library.
<This church in Barrack St and Great Brook St was founded in 1789 as a
proprietary chapel. It was consecrated in 1810 and a parish assigned to it
in 1859 out of St Peter and St Paul Aston.
The church building was badly damaged by enemy action in November 1940 and
it was demolished in 1956. After 1940, services were performed at St Anne's
church, Duddeston, St Johns Mission Church and St Matthew church, Duddeston.
In 1970 the parishes of St James the Less, Ashted, St Matthew, Duddeston and
Bishops Ryder were united, St Matthews church becoming the Parish Church.>
and then another old news article states
<Because graves have been desecrated in St James' churchyard, Barrack St,
Birmingham, the remains of the blitzed church are to be demolished and some
of the coffins re-buried elsewhere.
Part of the churchyard may be converted into an open space for public use.
A Corporation official said today that the site was in a re-development
Representations have been made for action to be taken to tidy up the
churchyard and stop vandalism, he added.
There is a site for a new church nearby>

If the vault is still there and underground, it will have been sealed and
buried. If the vault was above ground, then it will probably have been
demolished and the coffins moved elsewhere. For hair raising storys of what
happened on a regular basis to our Birmingham ancestors, look at the website
for Baskerville at http://jquarter.members.beeb.net/walk14.htm


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From: Maurice Davies <>
Date: 29 September 2001 23:01
Subject: [B'ham] St.James Ashted Church

>Hello Listers,
>I should be grateful for any information about the Church of St.James
Ashted, Aston, Birmingham.
>My 2xgt.Uncle, John Davies CHALLENER stated in his will
>"I have erected in the churchyard of Saint James Ashted in the Parish of
Aston juxta Birmingham a double brick built vault....as a burial place for
my family"
>He lived in Ashted Row and his will was written in 1873 just before he
died. I have been trying to find out whether the vault still exists. I
understand, however, that the Church was damaged during the war and later
demolished, but wonder what happened to the vault.
>I would also like to contact anyone who has any CHALLENERs on their family
tree, especially descendants of the above John Davies CHALLENER
>Barbara Davies
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