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from the transcribed REGISTERS OF MORLAND - Part 1; 1538 - 1742



Mar. 26 Thomas s. of Nicholas DENKIN of Newbie
Apr. 3 Elizabeth d. of John HEBSON of Newbie
Apr. 16 Emma d. of Richard CHESTER of Great Strickland
Apr. 23 Henrie s. of Henrie LAMBART of Morland
May 15 Thomas s. of Roger PATTISON of Litl Strickland
May 19 Ann d. of Anthonie CLEBURNE of Thrimbie Grang.
May 28 Henrie s. of William HOLME of Slegill
July 10 John s. of John SANDERSON of Great Strickland
July 31 Illinor d. of Thomas VAREY of Sleathead
Aug. 7 Stephen s. of Edward JACKSON of Kemplee
Aug. 25 Jeffery base sonne of Jeffrey WARD & Isabell BRADLEY
Aug. 19 Crinton (?) d. of Mr. Richard SINGLETON

Sept. 3 Elizabeth d. of Christopher CLARKE of Litle Strickland
Sept. 6 William s. of Rowland SAND of Morland
Sept. 17 John s. of Robert COOKE of Morland
Oct. 5 Ann d. of Richard CLEASBIE of Peslands
Oct. 8 Isabell d. of Edward COULSTON of Morland
Nov. 1 William s. of Robert DOCKER of New Close
Jan. 7 William s. of Ambrose WILKINSON of Neither Whitbar
Jan. 7 Agnes d. of Thomas GRAME of Slegil
Jan. 21 Thomas s. of William FALLOWFEILD of Great Strickland
Jan. 21 Ann d. of Richard CAMPLING of Newbie Stones
Jan. 26 John s. of Francis BARTON of Morland
Feb. 11 John s. of Henrie CLEASBIE of Newbie Stones
Feb. 15 Thomas s.of James BRADLYE of Moorside
Feb. 29 John s. of John DENT of Kings Meaburne
Mar. 4 Ann d. of Georg NEVINSON of Slegill
Mar. 11 Richard s.of Thomas KENDALL of Newbie
Mar. 23 Ellas base daughter of Thomas FALLOWFEILD

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