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From: "Anton McLoughlin" <>
Subject: Re: [ENG-WILTSHIRE] Militia or Muster List
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2007 02:22:20 +0100
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Militia records are in separate archives by regiment in Kew.
They are original attestation/service documents and are in boxes
approximately by surname, but as they are frequently accessed by
researchers I advise you to search the whole box and the ones either

I found both my grandfather and his brother's records.

But you have to know the regiment.....i tookl an educated guess that
they would have attested in their local county militia....

The docs are, depending on the period quite informative....mine were mid
1880's and considted of a folded two page, double sided form. The front
page is the attestation, second page onwards give description of person,
nok, medical records and servive record of places served, and sdischarge
details with years service....these people qualified for a small pension
There is another archive for those receving a pension via Royal Chelsea
Hospital (The Irish are split out to Kilmainham hospital)but it is not

There is yet a further archive covering medical discharges to
1913....this is on microfilm and a real slog as it is filmed by date of
medical board.

The militia archives are not indexed on Procat by individual soldier's
names but by regiment.

The Chelsea and Kilmainham records are indexed by soldier's name on

The medical discharges to 1913 are not indexed by soldier's name in

Procat is the old name for the search engine for the National Archives.

The link to search the National archives is:

This is not a real friendly serach engine so little is a lot...main
thing is to set dept code to WO

This can be manipulated in several ways:

Search on surname and dept code WO

Search on place of birth or county of birth and dept code WO

So doing this you may get lucky with circa pre nid 1800's discharges to
pension as these are individually indexed by name but then of course the
army got so big and was being continually reorganised that the indexing
reverted to regiments only.

BTW Always check out the Documents online section of the Nat Archives at
Kew. This is continually expanding and has:
WW1 POWs, Royal Navy Seamen's documents, WW1 Medal cards, WW2 Seamen's
Medal cards, and a few other databases including PCC wills (these were
wills probated in Canterbury but cover wiltshire if the estate was large
enough or spanned more than one ecclesiastical court)

Documents from the documents on line section can be downloaded direct on
payment of around £3.75 per shot as pdf documents.



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