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Hello Anton,
I would cetainly like a copy please, and may I
compliment you on such a clear defination of Militia and Muster Lists.
Regards Pete.

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>The Militia Act 1757 provided for men to serve in the militia at home
>order to counter any threat arising whilst the majority of the
>army was stationed abroad.
>The next change was the Territorial and Reserve Forces Act 1907 this
>reformed the reserve forces by transferring existing Volunteer and
>Yeomanry units into new Territorial Force and redesignating te
>Militia units as part of the Army Reserve.
>The TF later redsignated TA force was realigned so that each army
>had TF battalions.
>Originally a ballot was held in each town/village and those chosen
>supposed to join the militia but often another person would join in
>lieu. Then voluntary attestation came in and normally the militia
>only serve at home. However in the case of my gt uncle he agreed to
>overseas and went to South Africa in 1900 for the Boer War.
>There was quite a large percentage of young men who joined the
>as part time soldiers, partly patriotic and party for the extra pay.
>The militia archives I looked at in Kew were very extensive with a
>considerable amount of soldier's documents in each box.
>However this would not mean that one was absent from a census except
>he agreed for overseas service particulary in the boer War period
>my gt Uncle dissapeared from the census.
>However to say that these archives were pure Militia is also wrong as
>tey are also the regular army archives for the regiments.
>On the attestation forms I have the elder brother, my grandfather,
>states he was in the militia already and wished to convert to regular
>army. His brother attested in the militia and volunteered for
>It is a complicated area where a visit to kew is really needed and
>a lot of time to call up the boxes and examine them. One is allowed
>boxes at a time and as each is returned then a new one can be called
>Normally it is a wait of 40 mins from ordering to receipt.
>Copying is easy as there are excellent digital document copying
>facilities at 30 pence per A2 sheet and personal digital cameras are
>allowed without flash, for these there are camera stations with
>to hold your camera in the reading rooms by the windows thus taking
>advantage of natural light.
>If anyone is interested and would like a copy of one of these docs to
>know what they are looking for and what information is contained in
>then contact me off line.
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