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Hello Julie,

St Helens church was -and now is again - a church on the West side of
Worcester High Street, towards the Southern [Cathedral] end. If you count
the Cathedral as being the centre of the City - which it wasn't, as it was
outside the City Limits until 1835 - then, yes, it was very close to the
centre of the town. It was the Worcester County Records Office from around
1950 until the new, purpose-built , Records Office was built at County Hall,
Spetchley Road, in the mid-80s.

NO Marriage Certificates were issued before 1 July 1837. What you may be
able to get is a copy of the Marriages Register entry - via Worcester
Records Office - as a copy of the filmed Register. The quality may well not
be good.

But be warned... The Incumbents of St Helen were pretty slapdash, little
caring for the Legal Requirements concerning keeping records.....


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Subject: [WOR] st helens church

hi list
can anyone tell me where st helens church was/is ? also where would i get an
marriage certificate if possible 1780 ? st helens church worcester it may be
or was in the cenre of worcester
best wishes

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