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Subject: Land Of Green Ginger
Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2005 08:18:45 EST

Hello Rachel-and Geoff-and anyone interested in our discussion as to the
naming of Land of Green Ginger.
I am quoting here from the "Streets of Hull"-a History of their names-by John
Markwell.In it he says
" LAND of GREEN GINGER-the most famous street in Hull-with a whole list of
explanations as to how it came to be named.-most of them absurd-he says it is
possible that the most simple is the correct one.Spices-highly valued in the
Middle Ages-and this was a place were ginger was cultivated-or stored.-the
'green'indicating it had still to dry.He says it is dangerous to repeat the more
bizarre explanations-and they DO show the problems of identifying the origin of
One theory-without evidence is that the street housed the premises of
Lindergroen Junger-and the accent garbled it.
Another-shown in the Hull Guide of 1880-that it was the site of a German
Landgrave's rural mansion-and it had a Granger(walk) up to it-hence Landgrave
Granger-becoming corrupted-also there was supposed to be a 'Mythical 'figure-Moses
Greenhinger involved in yet another story.
Winifred Holtby used the Street as a title for a 1927 novel-describing it as
a dark,narrow,mysterious road to heaven-well as Rachel and I know-it lead to
Larrards-to p[ay the rent!!!!
It was formerly part of Beverley Streer which ran north to south through
medieval Hull.
So-you pays your money-and takes your choice as the saying does go!
.Jean-in Evesham(Hull Lass)

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