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From: Bob Partridge <>
Subject: John Partridge b 1620 sailed from Eng on Speedwell to Mass US 1650
Date: Mon, 05 Sep 2005 23:59:40 -0700


I'm looking for any information on my GGGGGGGF John Partridge, who may have
lived in Middlesex (maybe Bethnal Greene0 with his family and perhaps
Brother William and Sister Margaret (Margery) before they sailed from
England on the Speedwell in 1650 to New England, US. They initially lived
in Dedham, MASS by 1652 and then settled in Medfield, MASS by 1654 where
they all married and raised families.

There is a lot of supposition and posted facts about several possible
fathers of John Partridge. I've listed all the information I have found so
far below. If anyone can help me with this matter, I'd greatly appreciate

Thank you,

Dr. Bob Partridge

John Partridge left Eng in 1650.
b abt 1620 Eng
m Magdalene M. Bullard (b 18 Oct 1635 Barnham Eng d 27 Dec 1678 Medfield
d28 May 1706
Children: Mary, Jane, Hannah, Deborah, Eleazer, Abiel, Experience,
Rachael, Samuel, Zachariah all between 1656-1677 and all in Medfield, MA.

On his voyage from Eng to MASS, US on the Speedwell, he was accompanied by:
William Partridge
b abt 1622, Eng
m 23 Nov 1654, Medfield, Mass, US to Sarah Pierce & 19 Nov 1656 to Sarah
d 1692, Medfield, Mass, US
& Margaret (Margery) Partridge
b abt 1625-28 Eng
m 1653 to Thomas Mason, later to Stacy
d 1695, Medfield, Mass, US
John, William and Margaret are presumed brothers and sister.

Other facts about John, William and Margaret (Margery) Partridge:
1) On "ye 1 Mo. 1652," John shared with others in the division of 500
acres of land (Dedham (sic Mass, US) Town Rec.'s, vol .iii., p. 211).
2) John¹s place was near his brother William and Thomas Mason, later
husband of Margery Partridge
3) William received land in the spring of 1651in Medfield, Mass, US,
where he was granted six acres for a house-lot on North Street (otherwise
known as Bachelor's Row).

Here's a question: Dennis Partridge on Partridgenest posted "A Study into
the Ancestry of John, William and Margery Partridge of Medfield, MA"* which
apparently disproves their descendency from oft and ancestry.com cited
Captain John Partridge of Navestock. Does anyone know any other information
regarding the father of John Partridge (b abt 1620 d 28 May 1706)?

Various fathers for John Partridge (above) have been suggested on the
Partridgenest.com, LDS, and Ancestry.com -- OneWorldTree. The most likely so
far seems to be the John Partridge listed as:
b 1590, St. Martin, Barnham, Suffolk, Eng or
b 1594 or 1600 in St. Martins Ludgat, London, London, Eng
m Jane Hogg and Francis Partridgewife: various dates
d 1647 or 1652 in Essex, Eng.

Other posssble fathers for John Partridge include:
1) Captain John Partridge (apparently ruled out by research listed on
2) John Green Partridge,
3) Sr. Partridge John and
4) John I Partridge,
All of whom are listed as married to Jane Hogg.

I don't understand how this data be explained as well as the fact that all
the possible John Partridge fathers are listed as descended from Bartholomew
Green Partridge and Pernell (or Parnell) Green?

Does anyone have an explanation? Also, does anyone know know anything about
reputed Spouse 1 Frances Partridgewife m John Partridge 1603 Olney,

The exact port from which John, William and Margaret (Margery) Partridge
sailed or arrived is unknown.
Prior to the sailing. however, history had them as residing in:
1) Bethnal Greene, Middlesex, Eng (Partridgenest.com) as well as possibly :
2) Northhamptonshire and/or
3) Navistock Eng

Doew anyone have any information regarding where they or their parents lived
in England and what port they sailed from?

They could have sailed from, for instance, South Hampton, Eng and arrived in
various New England ports such as Boston, Salem, Plymouth, Salisbury or
Lynn, Mass, US; etc.

³Though their exact arrival date and port cannot be found, there is in the
archives of Conneticut (sic US) a will of Adam Beebe who died aboard an
unnamed ship (sic possibly the Speedwell) to America. This will, evidently
written while sailing, has the signatures of William and John Partridge as
witnesses. These signatures match those found in the record's of Medfield,
Mass, US.³ -- Partridgenest.com

It's interesting that the John Beebe, who died on board Speedwell in 1850,
whose will witnessed by John and Wm Partridge is listed as Adam Beebe in
Partridgenest ( will was probated in Conn. Guess I'll try to track that

I am also gathering interesting info on the Speedwell. Anne Thompson says
she was not positive but believed that the original Plymouth Colony Pilgrims
set out from England on the Mayflower and Speedwell in 1620. A few days out
at sea, the Speedwell began to leak and returned to port in England for
repairs. Those passengers who still wanted to go to the New World (MASS)
boarded the Mayflower which had returned with the Speedwell.

The Speedwell made many voyages to US from 1820 onward. Captain John
Chappell of London, Eng was one owner and master of Speedwell. (His F: Sir
Rbt Chappell (b Abt 1560 in Nottinghamshire). At that time her home port was
South Hampton, Eng.

The Speedwell, captained by James Creagh, also arr. In America 25 Sept 1749
from Rotterdam. Holland. Most of passengers were from Wuerttembery, Germany
and Alsace, some of whom settled in PA (PA Dutch).

Another Captain was Nicholas Stephenson who took tobacco to London from
Baltimore, Maryland and returned to Baltimore with indentured servants (date
not listed).

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