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From: "Peter" <>
Subject: Re: [EoLFHS] Pearson
Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2001 22:11:19 +0700
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I would revisit the 1881 census and try variations of the name
Pearson -especially if you are searching on the 1881 census on CD Rom. My
ancestors, though correctly written as HAMERSLEY on the microfilm record,
are incorrectly listed as HAMERSBY on the CD Rom! If it weren't for the
fact that I had already viewed the microfilm many years ago (and recorded
the information), I would never have found them on the new technology!

Victorian handwriting can sometimes be difficult to decipher - especially
when viewing on micrfilm. Consequently, LE can be easily mistaken for a B.
This might have happened in your case and the "Pe" maybe a "B". Failing
this, Pearson can be spelt in many different ways - Peerson, Pearsen,
Pierson - etc etc. Computerised indexes are so precise that you have to try
all variants if you don't find something that should have been.

Good luck

Peter Hamersley

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