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Subject: ESX: John SANDERS 1st, Weeke > Weymouth, 1622 >>
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Subject: John SANDERS 1st "Sr." Weeke > Weymouth, 1622 >>>>>

Hi All,

Here is the version of John SANDERS Sr. from the perspective
of the town of Weymouth, MA.
JOHN SANDERS was one of the men who came in Thomas Weston's
Company to Wessagusset in July, 1622, in the Charity or Swan.
He was overseer of the plantation while Weston sailed to Virginia
in the Charity. He is the man upon whom Weston was disposed to
place the blame for the failure of the company to withstand the
perils of the winter of 1622-23 when Gorges met him at Plymouth
late in the year 1623. He was probably one of the trustees of
Ferdinando Gorges Patent in the Province of Maine, and gave the
control over to the Massachusetts Bay Colony at Wells, 27 May,
1662. (British Calendar of State Papers, 1661-68.) He probably
is the man who was employed by John Winter at Richmond's Island
some time between the last of July, 1641, and 10 June, 1642.
(Trelawny Papers, 327.) His name also appears in the accounts
which John Winter sent to Robert Trelawny from Richmond's Island
in 1634, with a letter dated at Richmond's Island, 18 June, 1634.
(Ibid. 38.)

He, or another of the same name, witnessed a will at Wells, 8 Jan
1654, and made oath to it 17 July, 1657, at which time he was style
(I Lieut. John Sanders. (York Deeds, 1: 61, 62.) He-tind his wife
Ann, for £150 and other good causes, sell John Cutts of Portsmouth
"that Mansion house" being neare Cape Porpus River in the parish of
Wells " comraonly called by the name of John Sanders Farme" with
400 acres, 9 Oct. 1663. (York Deeds, 1: 143.)

In another deed conlimung unto him his land the Indian Flewelleft
styled him "Senior," 19 Feb. 1660, and in another deed, dated
12 Feb. 1660, Jolm Bush called him "my father-in-law." (Ibid. 1:107.)

It appears that his earliest grant of 150 acres in Wells was made
by Thompts Gorges, Cvnr~Tn- of the Province of Maine, 14 T-A--16431
and that Ezekiel Knight of Wells sold him a dwelling house there 2Q
Aug. 1645. (York Deeds, 1, Pt. 2: 11, 12.)

"Ann Sanders, executrix of the last will of her lately deceased
husband John Sanders Senior of Cape Porpus, with the consent of
Thomas Sanders, eldest son of the deceased, sells Andrew Alger of
Cape Porpud for Z7, 100 acres at Cape Porpus now in possession of
Mr. Francis Johnson of Boston," 21 Oct. 1670. (Ibid. 2: 127.)
"John Sanders S Sr-, sed a deed from John Bush and Grace, his wife
both of Cape Porpus to Thomas Mussell" on 24 Nov, 1669. (Ibid. ~:
131.) -

"John Sanders Senior of Cape Porpus, Planter, being very sicke and
weake in body, made his will 13 June 1670, and it was proved 24
June 1670. To his wife Ann Sanders he gave the use of his house
and' lands for life, and at her decease the same to his son Thomas
Sanders, and at his decease to his son John Sanders. To his son
John Sanders 1,000 acres eight or nine miles above Cape Porpus
River Falls. The rest of his estate to all of his children, unnamed.
Widow Sanders returned the inventory" 23 Aug. 1670. (Maine Wals,
18, 19.)

Thomas,'eldest son.
John, In. Mary -.
Grace, m. John Bush of Cape Porpoise.

Weymouth History 4:610-11

Kind Regards,
Sandi Goetze

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