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From: "Pamela Boon" <>
Subject: Re: Sarah Frances ROE and Peter ROE
Date: Tue, 3 Oct 2000 10:29:04 -0500
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Hello Helen

As I'm writing this I'm looking at a picture of Electric Parade as it used
to be called. It is now Pier Avenue and the main street through the
shopping area of the town to the pier itself. I've copied the text for you

'Electric Parade, so called because it was the first street in Clacton to be
lit by electric light. It was completed in 1902 and the electricity was
provided by the enterprise of shopkeepers themselves. All the switches for
the lights were located in the Ainslie Brother's butchers shop - a site now
occupied by Dewhurst's. The name Electric Parade continued until well after
the 2WW, but it is known simply as part of Pier Avenue. Only one name has
survived the 84 years since the shops were built - Ernest Newson,

There is a picture taken at about the time you speak of. I don't have a
scanner, but if none of our friends on the Link are able to send you this
pic. I will take on the challenge. Let me know.

Incidentally, it is interesting that the Royal Hotel was constructed the
year after the pier was built in 1871. The Royal still stands at the end of
what is now Pier Avenue. I don't have an old map of Clacton, but suspect
this is where you will find 21 Electric Parade.

With regard to St Pauls church, my mother seems to think it is the one on
the corner of Pier Avenue. At the time I was born my mother was living in
'Rainbow' and my aunt in 'Hiawatha' at Bockings Elm. 'Rainbow' was haunted
and the suspect cause was the highwayman BOCKING. Beside the bungalow there
was an old elm tree where BOCKING was reputed to be buried. He plagued the
coaches on the Clacton to Colchester route and when finally hanged (on the
elm) he was buried under the tree. In about 1950-60 the elm was struck by
lightening and reduced to a stump. I believe it has now been removed.

My mother doesn't remember a house called the Ramblers but this was well
before her time there in the 1940s. If I find out anything more I'll get
back to you.

Regards, Pam in Brighton, UK

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Subject: Sarah Frances ROE and Peter ROE

> Hi
> These had a FANCY GOODS shop in 21 Electric Parade. Clacton on Sea in
1914. Sarah died in July 1918 and left lots of property in Clacton. She
lived at "The Ramblers" Bocking Elm. He remarried in 1920 and went to
Wokingham, Berks and died there in 1943. Any idea how to find out about the
shop? and the properties? They were left to the family and collected by
them. I'd really like to know about Bocking Elm and she was buried at St
Paul's Clacton on Sea. Bye Helen

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