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I am trying to track down the name, Evaline Estelle. Any connection to your Estelle family would go back to NJ or Penna. I believe the connection is through the German family, St. Germaine which was located in Newtown, Pa.

The name Evaline Estelle was given to female relatives into the present generation. However, I can not find the tie to the Estelle family. The Germans were French Huegonots.

The tie must have been strong because the name has occurred so often in our family history.

Thank you for any assistance you can give me,

Kathie Kirkpatrick
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Volumes of info on the ESTELLE surname we have. All spellings.

At this point we have 20 volumes of info on different lines. Some small and
some huge. We are looking for donations of Birth records, Marriage records,
Death records, obituaries, wills, newspaper articles, gravestone pictures etc.
We will gladly share any info we have.

We are having a reunion in June 2005 for all ESTELLE lines. If you would be
interested, please send a mailing address and we will put you on the list.
The reunion will be in Sabetha, KS this time. <<mailto:>>


# 1a-1b-2a-2b-3
Descendants of James and Deborah (Pearce) Estle, they were married in
Monmouth Co., NJ in 1804, arriving in OH about 1820.
#1a -- Elizabeth Estle and Thomas Davis marr. 5-9-1829, Highland Co., OH
Elizabeth and some of the children went to IA after Thomas died.
Amos marr#1 Mary Jane Millburn - marr#2 Almira Harvey
Jane marr. Ellis Hiatt
Alice marr. Charles George
Elihu marr. Caroline Arabelle Lightbody
Job marr. Charlotte Elizabeth Shelton
Sarah Elizabeth marr. Henry Gourley
#1b -- Job and Prudence (Shipton) Estle m#1 12-29-1836, Highland Co., OH
Relocated to Hamilton Co., IN
Mary Jane marr. Jacob Newby
Alfred Newton
Joseph Leander marr. Mary Samantha Hughey
Martha Elizabeth marr. William Montgomery
Sarah Ann
John Verlin
Elihu m#1 Eliza Adaline Ballard-m#2 Sarah Lindsay-m#3 Clara West
Elvira Mehatable marr. William Cain
#1b -- Job and Lydia (Davis) Estle marr#2 10-5-1871, Hamilton Co., IN
Delano marr. Loretta Inman
Ozro marr. Daisy Alice Holden
#2a -- Joseph and Elsie (Crawford) Estle marr. 10-4-1831, Highland Co., OH
Relocated to Hamilton Co., IN
James P.
Elizabeth marr. John H. White
Jesse m#1 Sarah Baker - m#2 Nancy M. Pritchard
Nancy marr. Paul Boone
Susan m#1 unknown Boyd - m#2 Jesse Ballard
James Alexander m#1 Estha Ballard - m#2 Charity Inman
Cynthia A. m#1 James Franklin Ballard - m#2 Merritt Benson
#2b -- Mary Jane Estle and David Fenwick #1 8-15-1837, Highland Co., OH
Mary and children went to IA after David died in IN
Nancy Jane
Delpha Ann
William Allen marr. Minerva Jane McHone
James Ephern marr.Martha L. Cutbirth
Mary Elizabeth
Lydia Margaret
David Jasper
#2b -- Mary Jane Estle and Burton Victor m#2 4-10-1856, Mahaska Co., IA
Victory Emaline
Alice Aldora marr. Charles Wiggins
#3 -- Benjamin and Hannah (Pensyl) Estle m 12-24-1835, Highland Co., OH
James L. P. marr. Eliza Jane Peacock
William H. marr. Eliza Ann Miller
Sarah E. marr. James Henter Jenkins
John Milton marr. Eunice R. Clark
Enos Samuel m#1 Elizabeth Ann Hunnell-m#2 Sophia Lutz
Charles Jackson marr. Julia Ann Lafferty - OUR LINE
Harriet Maria marr. Dennis Warren Kearns
Mary Catherine marr. John Lafferty
William and Abigail Drummond (Little) Estle, they were married in Monmouth
Co., NJ in 1813, arriving in Clark Co., OH about 1820
We think that this William was a brother to the above James (#1-3)
Thomas Little marr. Susan Shellabarger
John marr Margaret Ann ??
Ann Maria
Lydia Elizabeth marr. Joseph Reed Johnson
Marian marr. William G. White
Phoebe Jane marr. Moses Russell
William Harvey marr. Rachel Ann Farrow
Charles Arthur marr. Mary Laura Paige
Daniel and Mary Ellen (Swan) Estle, married in PA, children born in OH,
relocating to Tama Co., IA
Lucinda Arabelle m#1 Seth A. Bemer - m#2 Samuel Underhill
John "TJ" marr. Almeda Morton
Margaret "Maggie"
Roland marr. Susan Clemens DeFrance
Mary Ann marr. Aaron Charles Brassfield
Ida Elizabeth marr. William F. Scott
George W.
John and Hannah (Belangy) Estel m#1 3-8-1835, Clermont Co., OH
Daniel (ESTAL) marr. Rosa E. Dann
Nancy Jane m#1 William Williams - m#2 unknown Parker
John and Mary E. (Gilliam) Estel m#2
John Thomas marr. Mary Elizabeth Blackburn
Joseph S. marr. Mary J. Frye
Charles Lee marr. Nora May Shawhun
William W. marr. Susie A. Raper
Olive A. "Ollie"
Wallace and Marcia (Boude) Estill m#2
Boude marr. Jane Ann Pullin
Benjamin marr. Catherine "Kitty" Moffett
Rebecca marr. Thomas Hughart
John marr. Rebecca Christian
Susannah marr. John McCreary
Mary Magdaline marr. James Gwin
Wallace and Mary Ann (Campbell) Estill m#3
Sarah m#1 Joseph Keller - m#2 James Henderson
James marr. Rachel Wright
Samuel marr. Jane Teas
Wallace marr.Jane Wright (possible m#2 Mary Braim)
William marr. Martha Wright
Abigail marr. John Woods
Isaac marr. Elizabeth Strother Frogg
Ruth m#1 Travis Booton - m#2 William Kavanaugh
William and Mary (Lewis) Estill
William Bowman marr. Sarah Denham
David marr. Mary Thorpe
Thomas and Rachel (Roswell) Estell, married in VA, children born in VA,
relocating to Scott Co., KY, some children went to Henry&Hancock Co., IN
Anny marr. John "Pharr" Hughes
John marr. Mary Ann "Polly" McCoy
Stephen marr. Abigail Roberts
Thomas marr. Caroline Charity Wiggins
Mary marr. Richard Powers
Daniel and Catherine Estle of Greene Co., PA
Silas marr. Sarah Rofelty
Female marr. William Bonar
William marr. Martha "Chrissy" Strawn
Jacob marr. Mary ??
Joseph marr. Elizabeth ??
Sarah marr. Unknown McCullough
Margaret marr. Unknown Anderson
Elizabeth marr. Unknown Oliver
Delilah marr. Jacob McMasters
Samuel and Abigail (Hughes) Estell marr. 1-1-1796, Gloucester Co., NJ
Children: (all possible, none proven at this time, seeking proof)
Daniel marr. Abigail Carter
Samuel marr. Amy M. ??
Debra marr. Jacob Stewart
William marr. Harriet Graham
John - Volume #6
Hampton marr. Nancy Jane Snow
Caroline marr. Stephen Melvin
Levi and Nancy (Davis) Estell marr. 6-11-1796, Gloucester Co., NJ
Levi possible brother to Samuel
Martha "Betsy" marr. Jephthah Johnson
William and Martha Jane (Jennings) Estill m. 4-17-1878, NJ, relocated to
Fleming Co., KY
John H. marr. Ann Killion
Catherine marr. Michael C. Killion
Isaac marr. Peggy Trumbo
Annie marr. Herrick VanAtter
William m#1 Mary "Polly" Williams - m#2 Elizabeth Ann Adams
Samuel m#1 unknown - m#2 Mary "Polly" Rice
Hannah marr. Harrison Brown
Lucy marr. Isaiah Lowe
David Madison marr. Jane Thompson
James William marr. Mariah Wright
Sylvester m#1 Elizabeth Thompson - m#2 Elizabeth McKiney
Mary S.
James and Ann (Sylvester) Estell
James a possible brother to William, stayed in NJ
James Sylvester marr. Mary Skidmore
Sarah marr. David Matthews
Hannah marr. Robert Gant
#13 (All possible brothers, not proven, seeking proof)
William and Lucinda (Hosley) Estell marr. 6-15-1795, Clark Co., KY
David Rogers m#1 Harriet Alice Weaver - m#2 Mary "Polly" Bowen
William marr. Nancy Newman
Mary Teresa marr. William Staggs
Erasmus G.
Edward Dorsey marr. Ruth Reed
Daniel and Rhoda (Allen) Estell
Jane marr. Lewis Young Walraven
Emily Rogers marr. John Francis Fagan
Mary marr. Morton McMichael
Sarah marr. Samuel Wigfall
Daniel Olney
Thomas and Elizabeth (Graham) Estelle marr. 8-8-1811, NY
David G. marr. Polly McCumber
Orlando Hines marr. Rebecca Ann Ellis
Sarah marr. Unknown Fleming
John Graham marr. Lucinda Kinney
Isaac Ambrose m#1 Sally D. Beckett - m#2 Ruth ??
Julia Ann - m#1 John Dahlem - m#2 George W. Graham
Samuel Albert marr. Lydia A. Lockhart
Daniel and Margaret (Browning) Estell
We hope to connect most lines to them
Daniel marr. Elizabeth ??
William marr. Ann ??
Thomas marr. unknown
Misc lines from England
Joseph and Sarah (??) Estell (PA to Columbiana Co., OH)
Children: (Thomas B. is not proven as a son at this time, seeking
James W. marr. Ann ??
Robert marr. Catherine ??
Jacob J. m#1 Eliza Corl - m#2 Hannah "Anna" Bush
Thomas B. m#1 Martha Bergman - m#2 Ellin Lenton
James and Ann (Cottrell) Estell
John B. marr. Ellenor J. Runyon 11-23-1863, NJ
Edward and Rebecca (Perfect) Estell marr. 1824, Delaware Co., OH, later to
Clermont Co., OH then to Ross Co., OH
Polly Ann
Harriet "Hattie" marr. Allen O. Hewitt
Elizabeth marr. John Ewing McKee
Ann marr. Owen Donohoe
Thomas Robertson marr. Minerva Peeple
Leroy Swarnstedt m#1 Mary Belle Bradley-m#2Christine Boone Scull
Jonas and Katherine (Smith) Estell marr. 3-9-1852, Ross Co., OH, Jonas born
in PA
Vernon marr. Laura Cahill
Milton marr. Susan Pontious
Clinton marr. Samira A. Seneff
Mary C. marr. Lorenzo Routt
Clarence Ellsworth marr. Caroline "Rilla" Drake
Daniel and Sarah (Broadus) Estill marr. 12-16-1816, Madison Co., KY relocated
to Howard Co., MO about 1835
Pauline J. marr. William H. Cravens
George R. marr. Susan M. Reid
Dudley marr. Mary Louisa Hackley
Mary Margaret
Ibzan marr. Martha ??
Christopher m#1 Annie Eliza Burton - m#2 Lucinda Colvin
Sidney marr. Nancy Jane "Jennie" Crowley
Melvina marr. Anthony T. Gorrell
Julia Ann
Sarah Catherine

This is all we have at this time. We do have a lot of misc and when we get
enough for new lines we will add them.

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