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Subject: Re: [ESTES] Possible answers about Mary Thompson & Ambrose
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Donna Hull wrote:
> In an attempt to make amends to the list for what some seem to think was
> unkind to Roy when that was not my intention at all.

No worse than other corrections that've been made without getting flack
here in the past. :)

> We each have our own
> experiences & I had just come through one with some freshman genealogists
> who think internet genealogy is where it is at. I apologize for that
> attitude still being with me when I answered the posts on this list.

More than a few would trawl the archives from this list, see an
individual post and go away happy at proving a 'link' in their tree.
Hopefully they'll also see the corrections posted soon after. Hopefully
not so much for their sake but anyone they may share their 'results' with.

> William Thompson married Mary the widow of George Estes, 3rd child of
> & Mary sometime before 10 Sep 1779. Sources are Mc Allister's "Estes
> Genealogy, Estes Families of Old Clay Co., MO; Their Ancestors.." and
> data from Kay Cunningham of Plattsmouth, NE. I haven't seen McAllister's
> know if they cite actual documents or not. But at any rate, this could be
> good lead for someone to follow.

Bobbi (or was it Robin?) posted an actual deed in the past day or two
showing this.

> and-- Everett & Bobbi--For you--
> Ambrose possibly b. abt 1731, d. abt 1794 in Halifax Co., Will dated 28
> 1794. Sources on his family are again from McAllister = family sources
> no name given.

I have a copy of their book .. some things are very well sourced, other
claims totally lacking sources. "Family sources" often means "so-and-so
told me". :(

> m(1) before 1772 Mary per deed in Halifax

For this I have:
:.. +Mary WRIGHT (bf.1772-aftr.1784); bf.1783 [747,983,1031]

[747] Extracts from Halifax Co, VA, records including "Court Orders
1755-1758" (Order Book 2), "Court Orders 1758-1762" (Plea Books 1-3) and
"County Deeds 1759-1796" (Deed Books 1-16), courtesy of Leo Estes,
[983] Will of Ambrose Estes (written & executed, 1794), Halifax Co
Courthouse; Halifax Co deeds, 2:6, 5:18, 8:344,439, 10:133, 13:71,
15:496, 16:83,94, ibid; Halifax Vestry Book, 1752-1817, ibid; Halifax Co
Will Book 2 (1783-1792). From Bobbie Estes, <>.
[1031] Halifax Original Court Orders: 16:83,94,15:496. Transcribed from
originals by Bobbie Estes, <>.

Her surname evidently coming from one of those sources.

> children:
> 1. Martha m. bef 1794 Mr. Handley

I have Standley, rest the same.

> 2. possibly Elisha, poss b. abt 1755
> m. bef 1779 to Jane
> sold land in Halifax in 1779

I have two Elisha's married to jane's. One is the Elisha, s/o John Sr,
who several (including Roy) have independently concluded was Roy's
ancestor, ending up in Roane Co, TN. The other was born after 1779, so
not him.

All those "possible's" don't inspire me, I'm afraid. I take it that's
quoting McAllister & McAllister?

> m(2) Milly Henson 6 Dec 1782 per McAllister

From Halifax marriage bonds, that was Mildred Henson and it was 1792. :)

> I wonder if the Inventory, Sales, or Settlement would shed any light on
> children? They are of legal age it appears so there wouldn't be guardian
> papers. Just a thought.

The youngest, Martha, was married, so all would've been of age,
methinks. I think I've seen the inventory ... and it's no help. But
don't quote me on that. :)

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