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I purchased my copy of "The Noose and The Chair" by Robert Barker from the
Estill County Historical and Genealogical Society. I can't say enough good things about the Estill County Historical and Genealogical Society; I have most of their published books.

The forward of the book "The Noose and The Chair" includes the names:
Edward W. Hawkins, Jesse Crowe, Joe Finnell, William Puckett, Elic Richardson, Arnold Powell, and Bonnie Griffin.

This book sometimes refers to William Hall and Henry Hall, so the name could be William Henry Hall. I may be able to figure out which Hall (William Henry Hall) he was by his age at the time of death. William Puckett was hung for the death of Henry Hall. There are a number of men named William Puckett, so I am not sure which Puckett family.

I have another book about the Edward W. Hawkins hanging in Estill County. It may have been written by a Lutes, not sure of the author, would have to locate this book in my collection.

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