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Subject: Kalnitz (or Kalnitzky, or Kalnitzkij)
Date: Fri, 2 Mar 2001 23:47:28 EST


I am looking for verification of the birthplace of my grandfather whose name
was Asher Zelik Kalnitz (or Kalnitzky, or Kalnitzkij).  According to his
Declaration of Intentions for Citizenship, his birthplace was listed as
Bucharest, Roumania.  As I am finding out, this is not necessarily so. I
assume he left Europe sometime in 1922 with his wife, Bertha, arrived in
Havana and then on to Key West, Florida on the SS Cuba.   His father's name
was Moshe.  In all likelihood, he probably lived in some town near
Bucharest, which is what I need to positively verify.   Other towns that may
be of some consequence to my family origins are Illintsy, Chatin (or
Khotin), Kiev, and Jashkov.   These towns are listed on my father's and
uncle's Declaration for Intentions.  

Any information will be greatly appreciated.

Jerry Kalnitz
(Jerry Kalnitz)

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