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Christopher Johnston.

1. Richard Hall 1 entered rights in the Maryland Land Office, 26
August 1663, for himself, Elizabeth his wife, and other persons (L.
O., Lib. 5, fol. 416). He probably arrived in the Province not long
before, and may have come from Virginia, but though this is sometimes
asserted, there seems to be no positive evidence for or against the
statement. He settled in Calvert County and was elected, 12 December
1665, one of the four representatives of his County in the Provincial
Assembly (Md. Archives, ii, 8). He sat in the Assembly from 10 April
1666 until 1670 (Archives, ii, 10. 153; Lib. C. D., 401), and again
from 1674 until 1685 (Archives, ii, 345; vii, 4.6. 113. 266. 526;
xiii, 21). He was Delegate for the assessment of the Public Levy in
1678 (Lib. C. D., 182) and, in November 1683, he was appointed one of
the Commissioners for laying out towns and ports in Calvert County
(Archives, vii, 611). Richard Hall was a prominent member of the
Society of Friends; his name frequently appears on their records; and
he was on the Committee of Cliffs Meeting in 1684 (Meeting Minutes, p.
13). He died in 1688. The following is a brief abstract of his will.
Richard Hall of Calvert County; will dated 17 Sept. 1687, proved 28
August 1688 (Annapolis, Lib. 6, fol. 13) :—1°. To my son Elisha Hall,
750 acres, part of Hall's Hills (1000 acres) where my dwelling house
and plantation are. 2°. To my son Joseph Hall, 250 acres, being the
remainder of Hall's Hills, and 150 acres adjoining called " The
Defence "; also two negroes. 3°. To my son Benjamin Hall, 100 acres
called Micham, also 100 acres on the South side thereof. 4°. To my son
Aaron Hall, 200 acres called Spittle; also Additional Spittle
adjoining Thacham, lately given to my son-in-law John Smith. 5°. To my
daughter Rachel, now wife of Walter Smith, 300 acres called
Aldermason. 6°. To my daughter Elizabeth Hall, 300 acres part of " The
Hope," in Cecil County. 7°. To my daughter Sarah Hall, 100 acres,
being the residue of " The Hope," and 200 acres adjoining. 8°. Various
bequests of real & personal property to testator's children already
named, to his wife Elizabeth, and to his daughter Lucia " now wife to
John Smith." 9°. Testator's wife Elizabeth is constituted executrix,
and his friends William Richardson, Edward Tal- bott, and Samuel Chew
are appointed overseers. 10°. Testator's children are to be brought up
as Friends, and the sum of £2 is left " to the stock of my friends
(called Quakers) on the Western shore of Maryland." Richard Hall and
Elizabeth his wife had issue as follows, the dates of birth being
derived from family record:

2. i. Elisha Hall,' b. 8 July 1663; d. 6 Feb'y 1716/7.

3. ii. Joseph Haix, b. 1665; d. 1705.

4. iii. Benjamin Hall, b. 1667; d. 1721.

iv. Aaron Hall, b. 1669; mar. Mary ....; d. s. p. 1704.
v. Rachel Hall, b. 1671; d. 28 Oct. 1730; mar., 1686, Col.

Walter Smith (d. 1711) of Calvert County.
vi. Elizabeth Hall, b. 1673; d. 1743; mar. 1°. Richard Evans

(d. 1702), 2°. Dr. James Kingsbury (d. 1725). vii. Lucia Hall, b.
1675; mar. John Smith.

viii. Sarah Hall, b. 1677; mar Bradley and had a son,

Robert Bradley (b. 1700) of Prince George's Co.

2. Elisha Hall 2 (Richard 1) was born 8 July 1663, and died 6 February
1716/7, according to a family Bible in possession of Mr. Wm. Coleman
Hall of Hall's, Lycoming County, Penna. This agrees with a deposition,
wherein Elisha gives his age as 51 years in 1714 (Chancery, P. L.,
233), and with the date of probate of his will, 8 February 1716/7.
Like his father, he represented Calvert County in the Provincial
Assembly, serving from 1698 to 1704 (Md. Archives, xxii, 3. 20. 191.
342; xxiv, 17. 128. 233. 356. 360). He married, 28 September 1688,
Sarah widow of Jonas Wing- field, and daughter and coheir of Richard
Hooper (d. 1673), son of Henry (d. 1676) and Sarah Hooper of Calvert
County. 21 July 1688, administration is granted to Sarah, widow of
Jonas Wingfield, late of Calvert County, deceased, on the estate of
her said husband (Test. Proc. xiv, 84) and, 6 Oct. 1688, the
administration bond of Sarah, administratrix of Jonas Wingfield, in
the sum of 4000 Ib. tobacco, is filed, with Elisha Hall and John
Holloway as sureties (ibid., 100). Mrs. Sarah Wingfield is, however,
soon cited in regard to another matter. 5 November 1688, command was
given to the sheriff of Calvert County to cite and summon Sarah
Whinfell and Ellinor Hooper, daughters and coheirs of Richard Hooper,
deceased, and Richard Ladd executor of Francis Swinfen deceased, to
appear and show cause, if any they have, why the bond of
administration on the estate of William Chaplin deceased should not be
assigned to William Chaplin, &c. Then came Elisha Hall in person, and
by consent of Anthony Underwood, procurator of the complainants, day
is given to the defendants until next January Court (ibid., 118). 26
June 1693, citation to Elisha Hall of Calvert County and Sarah his
wife, administratrix of Jonas Winfield deceased (ibid., xv, 38). The
will of Elisha Hall is dated 7 May 1716, and was proved 8 February
1716/7 (Annapolis, Lib. 14, fol. 317). In it he names his wife Sarah,
his sons Richard and Elihu, his daughter Sarah " now wife of Samuel
Harrison," and his grand-daughter Mary Hall, daughter of Richard. A
bequest of £5 is " to be put into the stock of my friends called
Quakers," for charitable purposes. Sarah, wife of Elisha Hall,
survived her husband and died in October 1739. Her will dated 2
October 1739, was proved 26 October 1739 (Annapolis, Lib. 23, fol.
121). She mentions her son Elihu Hall, her daughter Sarah Harrison,
the five children of her son Richard Hall lately deceased, and her
grandsons John and Jonah Winfield. Her two children, Elihu Hall and
Sarah Harrison are appointed executors.

Elisha Hall and Sarah his wife had issue:—

5. i. Richard Hall,' b. 8 July 1690; d. 7 August 1739.

ii. Elizabeth Hall, b. 8 Dec. 1691; mar. 1708, Richard Harrison, Jr.

6. iii. Elihu Hall, b. 28 February 1692; d. 1753.

iv. Sarah Hall, b. 28 July 1694; d. 1741; mar., 1711, Samuel Harrison
of A. A. Co.

3. Joseph Hall 2 (Richard1) of Calvert County was born, according to
family record, in 1665, and died in 1705. His will, dated 14 September
1705, and proved 7 November following (Annapolis, Lib. 3, fol. 652),
mentions his wife Ann, his son Joseph Hall, and " the child my wife
now goes with." Testator's wife, Ann, is appointed executrix. Joseph
Hall's widow, Ann, married secondly Rev. Thomas Cockshutt, Rector of
All Saints Parish, Calvert County. 20 Nov. 1710, Calvert County:
Thomas Cockshutt, who married Ann Hall widow and executrix of Joseph
Hall, rendered an additional account (Test. Proc., xxi, 299). 28 July
1731, Thomas Lingan and Martha his wife against Ann Cockshutt,
administratrix of Thomas Cockshutt, late of Calvert County, Clerk,
deceased. The said Thomas Cockshutt died in 1722 leaving a widow Ann,
and children Thomas, Martha (wife of Thomas Lingan), Elizabeth, and Ann.

Joseph Hall and Ann his wife had a son:—

i. Joseph Hall.: mar., 1722, Sarah, dau. of John Smith of Calvert
County, and widow of William Richardson.

4. Benjamin Hall 2 (Richard 1), of Prince George's County, was born in
1667 (family record) and died in 1721. Although brought up as a
Friend, he later became a Roman Catholic and died in that faith. He
married Mary, daughter of Maj. Thomas Brooke and widow of Capt. James
Bowling of St. Mary's County. Capt. Bowling, in his will, dated 7 May
1692, and proved 10 October 1693 (Annapolis. Lib. 2, fol. 272)
constitutes his wife, Mary, his executrix and the residuary legatee of
his personal estate, and appoints his " honored father-in-law" Col.
Henry Darnall overseer. Col. Darnall had married Eleanor (Hatton) the
widow of Maj. Thomas Brooke and was thus the stepfather of Mrs. Mary
Bowling (See Maga., i, 71). The will of Benjamin Hall, to be cited
presently, refers to testator's " brother-in- law " Mr. Henry Darnall,
whose father, Col. Henry Darnall, died some ten years previously.
Henry Witham, of Prince George's County, having " intermarried with
the relict and widow of Mr. Benjamin Hall of the County aforesaid
deceased," they object to deceased's will, and prefer to take " what
the law allows " (Annapolis, Lib. 16, fol. 527). The will of Benjamin
Hall, of Prince George's County, is dated 4 September 1720, and was
proved 29 March 1721 (Annapolis, Lib. 16, fol. 354). In it he mentions
his wife Mary Hall. his minor son Francis Hall, his nephews Richard
and Elisha Hall, sons of his brother Elisha Hall, and Joseph Hall, son
of his brother Joseph. His brothers- in-law Mr. Henry Darnall, Mr.
Clement Brooke, Mr. William Digges, and Mr. Clement Hill are to manage
his son's estate. A bequest of £5 is left to the priests of the Roman
Catholic Church. Testator's wife, Mary, is appointed executrix
Benjamin Hall and Mary (Brooke) his wife had a son:—
7. i. Francis Hall,* b. about 1696; d. 1785.
5. Richard Halls (Elisha,2 Richard1) of Calvert County was born,
according to family record, 8 July 1690, and died 7 August 1739. He
married, 4 September 1712, Mary widow of Aquila Johns and daughter of
Henry Hosier (Friends' Records). The will of Richard Hall, dated the
day of his death, 7 August 1739, was proved 19 December following
(Annapolis, Lib. 22, fol. 113). In it he names his sons Elisha and
Richard (both under 18), his brother Elihu, his wife Mary, his eldest
daughter Mary Hopkins, his second daughter Mary Hance, and his third
daughter Elizabeth Hopkins. Testator's wife Mary is appointed
executrix. The will of Mary Hall of Calvert County, widow of Richard
Hall, is dated 28 January 1762, and was proved 4 June following
(Annapolis, Lib. 31, fol. 1000). She mentions her son Richard Hall,
who is appointed residuary legatee and executor, her daughter Sarah,
widow of John Hance, her grand-son Gerard Hopkins (son of Philip
Hopkins), and her grand-daughter Rebecca Hance (daughter of John Hance).
Richard Hall and Mary (Hosier) his wife had issue:—
i. Elisha Hall.'
ii. Richard Hall, living 1762.
iii. Mary Hall, mar., 1736, Philip Hopkins.
iv. Sarah Hall, mar., 1735, John Hance (d. Dec. 1761).
v. Elizabeth Hall, mar., 1730, Gerard Hopkins.
6. Elihu Hall* (Elisha* Richard 1) was born 28 February 1692 (family
record) and died in 1753. He married first, in 1720, Elizabeth
daughter of Philip 00a16, but she appears to have died soon, leaving
no issue (Friends' Records). His second wife, married in 1722, was
Elizabeth widow of John Chew, and daughter of Richard Harrison of
Calvert County, and Elizabeth his wife (d. 1693) daughter of Thomas
and Alice Smith of Calvert County. Richard Harrison, in his will dated
10 Sept. 1713, and proved 15 Feb'y 1716/7 (Annap's, Lib. 14, fol.
142), mentions, among others, " my daughter Elizabeth, wife of John
Chew." Her husband, John Chew, died in 1718, and his widow, Elizabeth,
filed her bond as his administratrix 4 November of that year, with Wm.
Holland and Samuel Chew as her sureties, in the sum of £3000 sterling
(Test. Proc., xxiii, 257). 14 June 1722, Elihu Hall and Elizabeth Chew
declared, in Meeting, their intention of marriage, and doubtless the
wedding soon followed (Friends' Records). To complete the
identification we have the following: 16 October 1733, Additional
Account of Elihu Hall of Anne Arundel County, Gent., and Elizabeth his
wife administratrix of John Chew late of Anne Arundel County,
merchant, deceased (Accounts, xii, 60). Soon after this, Elihu Hall
removed to Cecil County, as is proved by the following: 27 October
1736, 2nd Additional account of Elihu Hall of Cecil County, Gent., and
Elizabeth his wife administratrix of John Chew, late of Anne Arundel
County, merchant, deceased (Accounts, xv, 207). The will of Elihu Hall
of Cecil County is dated 13 December 1752, and was proved 13 June 1753
(Annap's, xxviii, 548). He mentions his daughter Sarah wife of Andrew
Bay, his daughter Elizabeth Hall, and his sons Elisha and Elihu Hall
who are constituted executors. The probate clause states that the will
was proved " in the presence of the heir at law Elisha Hall," &c.
Testator's wife is not mentioned in the will and was doubtless dead at
the time it was made.
Elihu Hall and Elizabeth (Harrison) his (second) wife had issue:—
8. i. Dr. Elisha. Hall,' b. 1723; d. 1757.
9. ii. Col. Elihu Hall, b. 1724; d. 1790.
iii. Sarah Hall, mar. Andrew Bay of So. Carolina.
iv. Elizabeth Hall.
7. Francis Hall 3 (Benjamin,2 Richard 1), of Prince George's County,
was probably born about 1696, and died in 1785. He married, in 1718,
Dorothy Lowe (b. 1704, and d. 1803 aged 99 years) daughter of Col.
Henry Lowe of St. Mary's County and Susanna Maria his wife, daughter
of Richard Bennett, Jr. (See Maga., i, 74; ii, 181. 281). Col. Henry
Lowe was a nephew of Jane Lowe who married first Henry Sewall (d.
1665) Secretary of Maryland, and, secondly Charles, Third Lord
Baltimore. The will of Francis Hall, dated 22 August 1782, was proved
19 Sept. 1785, and is recorded in Prince George's County. Francis Hall
and Dorothy (Lowe) his wife had issue:—
i. Benjamin Hall,4 b. 1719; d. 1803; mar. Eleanor, dau. of William and
Anne (Addison) Murdock.
ii. Richard Bennett Hall, d. 1805; mar. Margaret Magruder. iii.
Francis Hall of Queen Anne Co., b. 1732; d. 13 Feb'y 1798;
m. l°. Martha Neale, 2°. Anne Hawkins. iv. Susanna Hail, mar Darnall.
v. Eleanor Hall, mar Digges.
vi. Henrietta Hall, mar. John Waring.
8. Dr. Elisha Hall 4 (Elihu,3 Elisha,2 Richard 1) was born about 1723
and died in 1757 at his brother's place, Mt. Welcome, while on a visit
there. He seems to have been the elder son, since the probate clause
of his father's will states that the will was proved " in the presence
of the heir-at-law Elisha Hall." It is fair to state, however, that a
strong and persistent family tradition, advocated by Mr. Wm. Coleman
Hall, asserts that the probate clause contains a clerical error, and
that the elder son and heir-at-law was Elihu, and not Elisha. The
similarity of the names would favor such confusion. Dr. Elisha Hall
lived in Winchester, Virginia, and married Ruth Hall, aunt of Dr. Rush
of Philadelphia. Their issue:—
i. Elihu Hall,s of Winchester, Va., b. 1752; d. 1808. He is said to
have married Mary Ball, and to have had two sons and a daughter.
10. ii. Dr. Elisha Hall, of Fredericksburg, Va., b. 1754; d. 1814.
iii. Dr. John Hall, mar Mrs. Eliza Ann Baynard, and had a son,
Rev. Baynard Rush Hall, who d. in 1863.
iv. Richard Hall, mar. Sophie Wilmot of Christopher's Camp, Harford
Co., Md., and had a) Julia Lee Hall, b) Richard W. Hall, c) William W.
9. Col. Elihu Hall* (Elihu,3 Elisha,2 Richard1) of Mt. Welcome, Cecil
County, Md., was born in or about 1724 and died. According to family
record, in January 1790. He lived at Mt. Welcome, an estate of 2000
acres extending from the Susquehanna to the Octoraro, and there
exercised an open-handed hospitality according well with the name of
the place. Only four rooms of the original mansion are now standing.
It stood on an elevation near the Susquehanna, and was a mansion of
such importance as to be located on a map of Pennsylvania, made a few
years after the running of Mason and Dixon's Line (Johnston's Cecil
County, p. 480). Elihu Hall was appointed, 6 June 177(5, Major of the
Susquehanna Battalion of Militia (ibid., p. 482). and was commissioned
Lieutenant-Colonel of the same Battalion. 9 September 1778 (Md.
Archives, xxi, 196). He was one of the Justices of Cecil County from
1756 till 1771 (Commission Book), and was appointed, 4 June 1777,
Judge of the Orphans' Court for the same County (Archives, xvi, 274).
Col. Hall married, 16 June 1757, Catherine (b. 19 Aug. 1736) daughter
of John Orrick and Susanna his wife, daughter of Col. Thomas Hammond
of Baltimore County. They had issue:—
11. i. Maj. Elihu Hall,' b. 9 August 1758.
12. ii. John Hall, b. 6 May 1760; d. 182B.
13. iii. James Hall, b. 12 March 1762; d. 1793.
14. iv. Dr. Elisha John Hall, b. 19 May 1764; d. March 1835.
v. Susan Hall, b. 4 February 1766; d. July 1852; mar. Maj. Robert Lyon
(b. 1754, d. 29 Jan'y 1842) of Baltimore Co., Md. '
15. vi. Charles Hall, b. 2 Nov. 1767; d. 1821.
vii. Samuel Chew Hall, b. 28 Jan'y 1769; d. unmarried.
viii. George Whitefield Hall, b. 16 Sept. 1770; d. unmarried.
is. Elizabeth Harrison Hall., b. 25 May 1772; mar 1°
Ogle. 2° Gordon.
16. x. Henry Hall, b. 1 Oct. 1773; d. 25 May 1808.
xi. Catherine Orrick Hall, b. 24 April 1775; mar Church-
17. xii. Washington Hall, b. 24 August 1776.
xiii. Julia Reed Hall, b. 9 May 1778; d. unmarried.
10. Dr. Elisha Hall 5 (Elisha4 Elihu* Elisha 2) of Fredericksburg,
Virginia, was born in 1754, and died in 1814. He married Caroline
Carter and they had issue:
i. Dr. Benjamin Harrison Hall.' b. 1781; mar. Lucy Fitzhugh;
settled in St. Louis and died there. ii. Maria Carter Hall, b. 1784;
d. 1832; mar. 1°. Dr. Wormley;
2°. Dr. Caldwell.
18. iii. John Byrd Hall, b. 1787; d. 1862; mar. Harriet Stringfellow.
iv. Charles Rush Hall, mar. Louise Crutchfleld.
v. Sophia Hall, mar. William Gregory of St. Louis.
vi. Eliza A. Hall.
11. Maj. Elihu Hall 5 (Elihu,4 Elihu* Elisha2) of Cecil County, was
born 9 August 1758, and was commissioned, 21 April 1778, as " Elihu
Hall Jr.", Major of the Sus-quehanna Battalion of Militia, in which
his father was Lieutenant-Colonel (Archives, xxi, 48). At the time he
lacked several months of being twenty years of age. The following year
he accepted a commission, dated 1 August 1779, as Lieutenant in the
Maryland Line, and served until January 1782 (Archives, xviii, 364.
520). According to family tradition, he was captured and held for some
time as a prisoner by the British. While serving on Long Island he
became acquainted with Gertrude Covenhoven (later Conover), daughter
of Niklaus Covenhoven and Nitje van Peet his wife and they were
married. Their issue:
i. Nicholas Hall.*
ii. Susan Hall, mar Morgan.
iii. Sarah Hall, mar Gillesbie.
iv. Ellen Hall, mar Wills.
v. Elihu Hall.
vi. Catherine Hall, b. 1789; d. 1860; mar. Maj. Wm. Richardson of
Belair, and had issue.
12. Dr. John Hall 5 (Elihu,4 Elihu,3 Elisha 2) of Harford County, Md.,
was born 6 May 1760, and died in 1826. He married Sarah Ewing, whose
father was Provost of the University of Pennsylvania, and they had
i. James Hall,' b. 1781; d. 1868; mar. 1°. Mary Harrison
Posey, 2°. Mary Alexander.
ii. John Elihu Hall, b. 1783; d. 1829; Prof, of Law in Univ.
of Md.; mar. Fanny M. Chew,
iii. Harrison Hall, b. 1785; d. 1866.
iv. Edward Hall, b. 1791; d. 1814.
v. Catherine Hall, b. 1796; d. 1865.
vi. Alexander H. Hall, mar. Jane Foulk.
vii. Sargent Hall.
viii. Thomas Mifflin Hall.
ix. Charles Hall.
x. Margaret Ann Hall.
13. Dr. James Hall 5 (Elihu,4 Elihu,3 Elisha2) was born 12 March 1762,
and settled in Georgia, where he died in 1793. He married Julia
Hartley, daughter of Gen. Hartley of York, Penna., and they had issue:—
j. Catherine Hall,* b. 15 May 1788; d. unmarried. 19. ii. Thomas
Hartley Hall, b. 1792; d. 1848.
iii. Julia Hall, b. 4 April 1790; d. unmarried 1864.
14. Db. Elisha John Hall 5 (Elihu,4 Elihu,3 Elisha 2) was born 19 May
1764, and died in March 1835. He married Catherine Smythe, and is
buried, with his wife, in St. Thomas' Church Yard, Batimore County,
Their issue:—
i. Alexander Hall.'
ii. Caroline Hall, mar. Matthew Markland.
iii. Catherine Virginia Hall, mar. Otho Wilson.
iv. Edward E. Hall.
v. Adelaide Hall, mar. S. T. Stonestreet.
vi. W. H. Dissasua Hall, mar. 1° Hill, 2° Briscoe.
vii. Elisha J. Hall, mar. Mary Matthews Brooke, dau. of Roger and Mary
viii. George D. Hall, m Morgan.
ix. Elizabeth S. Hall, b. 5 June 1822, and now living.
x. Jakes Hall, b. 1825.

15. Charles Hall 8 (Elihu,4 Elihu,3 Elisha2) of Pennsylvania, was born
2 Nov. 1767, and died in 1821. He married Elizabeth Coleman of
Cornwall, Penna., and had issue:—
i. Robert Coleman Hall,' b. 1792; d. 1844; mar. Sarah A.
ii. Charles H. Hall, b. 1798; d. unmarried, 1847.
iii. Ann Caroline Hall, b. 1800; d. unmarried, 1841.
iv. Catherine Orrick Hall, b. 1802; d. 186«; mar. H. M.
Blodgett, but had no issue.
v. Margaret C. Hall, b. 1804; d. 1879; mar. Rev. W. Dickenson, D. D.,
of New York, and had two daughters. vi. William Coleman Hall, b. 1806;
d. unmarried, 1844. vii. Louisa Hall. b. 1808; d. 1884; mar. F. W.
Rawle. viii. Harriet Hall, b. 1810; d. 1870; mar. W. B. Norris. uc.
James Hall, b. 1812; d. 1882; mar. Mary Johns Craig. x. Susan E. Hall.
b. 1814; d. unmarried, 1895. xi. Sarah J. Hall, b. 1818; d. 1877; mar.
T. F. Potter of Savannah, Ga.
16. Henry Hall, 5 (Elihu,4 Elihu* Elisha2) was born 1 October 1773,
and died 25 May 1808. He married, 26 April 1800, at Harrisburg,
Penna., Esther Maclay (d. 6 Sept. 1819) of that city, and had issue:—
20. i. William Maclay Hall," b. 16 Feb'y 1801; d. 28 Aug. 1851. ii.
Maby Elizabeth Hall, b. 21 Sept. 1802; d. Jan'y 1884; mar.
<J. W. Harris.
iii. Catherine Julia Hall, b. 14 Aug. 1804; d. 17 July 1832; mar.
Garrick Mallory.
17. Washington Hall 5 (Elihu,4 Elihu,3 Elisha 2) was born 24 August
1776. He married Ann Given and had issue:—
i. Edward G. Hall," mar Sands.
ii. Washington Hall, mar. Blanche Bujac.
iii. Samuel Chew Hall.
iV. Charles Norris HALL.
v. Richard Hall. mar. Margaret Mitchell and had a son, Washington
Hall, who mar. Ann Lee.
vi. Rebecca Hall, mar. Robert L. Rogers.
vii. Achsah Hall.
18. John Byrd Hall 8 (Elisha,5 Elisha,4 Elihu 3) was born in 1787, and
died in 1862. He married Harriet String- fellow and had issue:—
i. Horace Byrd Hall, d. 1896.
ii. Maria Carter Hall.
iii. Charlotte Hall. mar. Robt. Pleasants Hall of St. Louis.
iv. Julia Hall, mar. Wm. D. Henry of So. Carolina.
v. Albert Hall.
vi. Harriet Hall, mar. John Tevis of Phila.
vii. Robert Carter Hall, mar. 1°. Lucy Baskerville, 2°. Maria
Carter Wormley.
viii. Harrison Hall.
iz. Eliza Hall.
x. Charles Hall.
xi. Frank Hall.
xii. John Hall.
xiii. Maria Hall, mar Watkins of Pittsburg, Penna.
19. Thomas Hartley HALL8 (James? Elihu4 Elihu s) was born 1792, and
died in 1848. He and his family lived in Georgia. He married Harriet
E. Harris and had
i. Ann Hall.'
ii. James A. Hall.
iii. William H. Hall of Milledgeville, Ga.
iv. Julia Eleanor Hall.
v. Dr. Charles Henry Hall, b. 1832; d. 1906; mar. Auria Keenan,
and left issue.
vi. Thomas H. Hall.
20. William Maclay Hall" (Henry,5 Elihu4 Elihu*) of Pittsburg, Penna.,
was born 16 February 1801, and died 28 August 1851. He married, 7
March 1826, Ellen Campbell Williams and had issue:—
i. Henry Williams Hall,' b. 12 Dec. 1826; d. 1833.
ii. William Maclay Hall, b. 3 Nov. 1828; mar., 8 Sept. 185S,
Ellen Rowan Cramer and had issue, iii. George Duffield Hall, b. 19
Feb'y 1831; d. 6 Dec. 1883; mar.
1°. Louisa Augusta Miller, 2°. Lucretia Pope Allen. iv. Louis Williams
Hall, b. 4 July 1833; mar., 25 Nov. 1867,
Eliza Cameron Warford. v. Catherine Julia Hall, b. 10 Nov. 1835; mar.,
22 Oct. 1857,
Nathaniel Breading Hogg, but had no issue. vi. Mary Hall, b. 7 May
1838; mar., 25 Jan'y 1865, Francis
Jordan; no issue. vii. Ellen Williams Hall, b. 3 June 1846; mar., 25
April 1872,
James Heron Crosman.
For a considerable part of the foregoing genealogy, my thanks are due
to Mr. William Coleman Hall, who kindly placed his family papers and
his extensive genealogical collections at my disposal. He also read
the manuscript of this paper, and made a number of valuable
suggestions and additions. At all times Mr. Hall has rendered cheerful
assistance, and has contributed most generously the copious material
gathered in the course of many years of study.

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