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From: "Jean Smallwood" <>
Subject: Re: Evans query
Date: Fri, 11 Sep 1998 21:06:56 -0500

Hi James,

I wonder if your Nancy EVANS could be a member of my EVANS family found in
Nelson then Muhlenberg Co, KY. Some of my dates are a little shaky, but she
fits the time frame for this family. My information on this family has been
little bitty pieces so far.

I have a David EVANS (who I will refer to as David SR), deeding property to
David JR in Nelson Co. in 1786. I then find evidence of David Sr. and David
JR in Muhlenberg Co, very early 1800's. I have been unable to determine
where David Sr. came from. These EVANS came to Muhlenberg Co from Nelson Co
around the same time frame as members of the COMBS and ANDERSON family and
probably the WARD family from Nelson Co. I am relatively sure there were 3
David EVANS in the documentation I have, though I have had a terrible time
trying to logically sort them out. The following is an outline of how I
THINK they go. I don't have evidence of a Nancy in this family, but they
are very hard to find anything about, so it's possible she is a member. She
MIGHT be a daughter of David and Alice, however there is evidence of a James
EVANS, very early 1800's also in Muhlenberg. David Sr, David Jr, and James
were probably of age at this early mention as they were deeding property and
witnessing wills, etc. This supports the theory of 3 David's as the son of
David Jr. would have been too young to have been of age before 1812 (he's
listed as age 61 in the 1850 Muhlenberg Co Census). Also, in the graveyard
where David Evans (III) is buried, along with his first wife Patsy, is a
Katharine ROARK. I'm not sure as to her origin, however, I do find a
marriage of a Caty EVANS to a ROARK. I'm not sure how these folks fit
together, but there appears to be a connection of this EVANS and the ROARK
family. Other families closely associated with these EVANS are: COMBS,
family moved from Muhlenberg Co about the 1850-1856 time frame. Anderson
COMBS moved his family through Warrick Co, IN through IL and on to Phillips
Co, AR. Thomas COMBS moved his family through Saline Co, IL to Clark Co
MO. Some of the ASH's, ANDERSON's, and SHORT'S are found in McLean Co.
These EVANS lived in the Bremen/Cypress Creek area of Muhlenberg Co.

Sorry I can't pinpoint your Nancy, but maybe this will help you sort or
eliminate some of the other EVANS, if you haven't already done so. Also, if
you have any information on these folks or any corrections, I would love to


Jean Smallwood

Descendants of David Evans, Jr.

1 David EVANS, Jr. d: Bef. 1822 in Muhlenberg Co. Age at death: ?
(left a will in 1822)
.. +Alice "Alsey" ANDERSON m: May 25, 1787 in Nelson Co, Kentucky
(Thomas COMBS married Alice's sister, Sarah in Nelson Co and removed to
Muhlenberg Co)
......... 2 David EVANS b: 1791 in Nelson Cty, Kentucky d: 1856 in
Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky Age at death: 65 est.
............. +PATSY b: June 24, 1799 d: November 02, 1816 in Muhlenberg
Co, Kentucky m: Abt. 1814 Age at death: 17 (tombstone states "wife of David
......... *2nd Wife of David Evans:
............. +Sarah Jane SHORT b: February 09, 1804 in Muhlenberg Co,
Kentucky d: October 23, 1824 in Muhlenberg Cty, Kentucky m: 1823 Age at
death: 20
.................... 3 Sarah Jane EVANS b: 1824 d: 1870 Age at death:
46 est.
........................ +Essex Pike SPURRIER, Sr. b: 1821 in Jefferson
Co (?), Kentucky d: 1858 m: 1843 Age at death: 37 est.
.................... *2nd Husband of Sarah Jane Evans:
........................ +John B. FROST b: Abt. 1801 in Kentucky d: 1898
m: April 06, 1866 in Muhlenberg Cty, Kentucky Age at death: 97 est.
......... *3rd Wife of David Evans:
............. +Nancy CLARK b: Abt. 1793 m: Bef. 1828 (widow of John
LOCKERY- her father was from Nelson Co)
.................... 3 Samuel B. EVANS b: April 01, 1829 in Muhlenberg
Cty, Kentucky d: April 05, 1861 in Muhlenberg Cty, Kentucky Age at death:
........................ +FANNY m: 1859
......... 2 James EVANS b: Abt. 1796
............. +Susannah COMBS b: Abt. 1796 in Nelson Cty, Kentucky m:
February 18, 1816 in Muhlenberg Cty, Kentucky

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From: james t. wiswall <>
To: <>
Date: Friday, September 11, 1998 1:52 PM
Subject: Re: Evans query

>I also have an EVANS married in KY & born in 1796.
> NANCY EVANS, b. 1796 (loc.?), married 1818 in Muehlenberg Co., KY, d.
> Nancy was married to MICHAEL ROARK - b. March 1796 & d. Mar. 31,
>1877 in Cottage Grove,
> Saline Co., IL. ... Michael's grandfather William, Sr., came fr.
>Ireland & also died in Cottage Grove,
> IL in 1841. In 1791 William, Sr., was in WestMoreland Co., VA,
>where he was married to ??.
>well as others ??? By 1918, descendants of these EVANS-ROARK ancestors
>had settled in St. Louis, MO.
>Any chance my NANCY EVANS could also be part of the group you are
> Diane in St. Louis, MO at
>PS ... In case it helps any, Michael Roark's father was JOHN, who had
>siblings William Aaron, Jr.; Elizabeth (m. _?_ BROWN); Rhoda (m. -?-
>SUTTON); & Martin.
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