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From: Valorie Zimmerman <>
Subject: Re: [ET] design feedback
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2007 01:02:07 -0700
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On Tuesday 26 June 2007 18:14, Ray Gurganus wrote:
> I have put up, and am constantly developing, a collaborative website for
> sharing genealogy information between researchers. A short list of features
> includes: 100% free, no ads, storing all branches in one common tree,
> pedigree charts, descendant charts, discussion posts, Google map
> integration, duplicate checks, feasibility checks, and so on. I'm aiming to
> bring genealogy into the 21st century of internet technology, doing many of
> the things that other systems and databases don't do. A more thorough
> description is available online at http://www.gurganus.org/ourfamily ->
> View -> Help.
> My main reason for posting here is that someone replied to me saying that
> the site is "visually and functionally atrocious, confusing, restrictive
> and gaudy." While I don't agree, I also realize I don't have an objective
> viewpoint. So if there are people here who have an eye for good design, in
> general web design or in genealogy functionality, I welcome feedback.
> Everyone is also welcome to join as researchers, not just critics. While my
> own research is primarily in the southeast US, any families from anywhere
> are welcome. We're all in one family.
> Ray Gurganus
> www.gurganus.org/ourfamily

Hi, Ray. My feedback on your design is that there is too much! Too much text,
not enough white space. Look at the homepages of the big projects;
Familysearch, Ancestry, Rootsweb, even Cyndislist. Some of them have lots of
text and links, but even so, they put space around each area or section,
which gives the eye some "breathing" room. I like to see the Google homepage
much better than Yahoo, which is so busy it gives me a headache.

One thing that works is giving the beginning of a section, like "latest
updated" which a link to the rest. That way you can put some space around it,
and yet people can easily get to what they want. Another way to simplify is
to put menus across the top and down the sides. If you divide them in a
logical manner -- or repeat them! -- people will catch right on. Look at some
sites you like, and steal their ideas!


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