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From: David Strickland <>
Subject: Littleton Berry Faircloth Sr + Queen Elizabeth Jones
Date: Fri, 20 Oct 2000 12:18:59 -0500

Littleton Berry F & Queen Elizabeth Jones had 4 children
Daniel Jones Faircloth b. 1 Feb 1855 Decatur CO, GA
married Henrietta Wigfall Earnest
died 25 Aug 1903 Thomas CO, GA
Mary Elizabeth Faircloth b. 24 Dec 1856 Decatur CO
married Joseph W. Williams
died 22 Jul 1942 Shreveport LA
James Martin Faircloth b. 16 Jul 1859 Decatur CO (my line)
married 1st Georgia Jones
married 2nd Rosa Jane Gilliam
died 9 Mar 1935 Dallas, TX
Littleton Berry Faircloth Jr b. 21 Apr 1861 Decatur CO
married Lavenia Clementine Arnold
died 12 Feb 1945 Rusk CO, TX

After L B F Sr died, Queen Elizabeth married his cousin
David C "Bunk" Faircloth b. 1826 died 26 Dec 1873 Decatur
and had 4 more children:
Della Faircloth b. 1868 Decatur CO
married Joseph Henry Hudgins
died - Texas?
Cornelius Faircloth b. 1869 Decatur CO
died young
Virginia "Jennie" Faircloth
b. Nov 1870 Decatur CO
married J Davis Chambers
died ???
Jessie David Faircloth b. 15 Oct 1871 Decatur CO
married Della Chandler
died 17 Sep 1936 Shelby CO, TX

After the death of her 2nd husband, Q E Jones Faircloth Faircloth married
3rd Robert Eli Kendrick who was 15 years her junior. The story is that he
rented out some property, couldn't pay, and married her to settle the debt.
They had 2 children, giving a total of 10 for Queen Elizabeth:
William Calvin Kendrick b. 17 May 1878 Decatur CO
married Alice Joseph Cokes
died 24 Dec 1953 San Augustine CO, TX
Juber Kendrick b. 1880 Decatur CO
died 1888 near Overton TX

L B F Sr line has been very well researched except we are not certain how
David C "Bunk" was a cousin to LBF Sr.

Thanks for all your input Jim.

David Strickland

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