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From: "Roger" <>
Subject: [FHU] File safety in FH
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2002 14:44:39 -0000

Being new to FH I may be missing something obvious about the software,
but I can't find the basic actions that help me feel more secure when I
make changes to my files.

For example, I hoped that FH would keep a backup copy of the file that
had been opened (in the same way that MS Word and Excel have the option
to automatically create a backup file).

Of more immediate concern to me is the apparent lack of an UNDO option.
I have looked without success for an UNDO function in FH as it would be
very useful to be able to undo the last "mistake" editing or entering
data. I was expecting to find an UNDO option on the EDIT menu that
would, at the very least, undo the last change.

If I have missed the obvious, please let me know.

PS. Even better would be a fully-blown UNDO function as per Microsoft
Word, where it keeps an audit trail of the changes made and allows you
to undo and redo those changes using a pair of buttons on the toolbar.

Roger Horton

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