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From: "Jane Taubman" <>
Subject: Re: [FHU] Relatives Diagram curve connections
Date: Mon, 3 Apr 2006 16:34:06 +0100
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On 03/04/06, Stefan Brueck <> wrote:
> Some questions:
> a) Any idea on how to avoid these curvy lines ?
If you close off the duplicated branches you will get a curved line to
join the divegent families together than lots of lines for every
person. You can then save it as a custom diagram for future use.
Also you can delete the boxes completly from the diagram, just
remember to select the option to delete the box and not the record
behind it.

> b) any idea if v3 is already able to realise that in case individuals
> got identical ancestors, these get printed once against twice curvy lines ?

See the other answer.

The reason the diagram shows all to start with is it can not tell
where you would like the data to show, my own family has pairs of
brothers marrying pairs of sisters, I find the ablity to decide on a
run by run basis where they show very useful.

If you review the manual on diagrams you will find the curved lines
explained in more detail.

Jane Taubman

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