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From: "Jean Masoner" <>
Subject: Re: [FAMILY-NEWSLETTERS] Hard copy newsletters
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 99 00:26:42 PDT

The newsletter I edit is strictly hard copy. The original editors (both
deceased now) and myself worked too hard establishing the readership,
although small, and in the research and establishing the database to post
the info to a website or publish strictly by electronic means.

Very few of my readers actually have email or computer access. My
experience with information posted to webpages hasn't been very good, wrong
information posted, no sources listed, and refusal to correct information
when presented with the proof.

Jean Masoner


> Hi group,
> Is there anybody out there who is still limiting themselves to hard copy
> quarterly newsletters and not posting their newsletter to a website?
> I am interested in hard copy only.
> Are there pluses and minuses to both?
> Or have we been through all this and don't want to do it again.
> Ray in Denver
> Flesher Family Redwood
> Dorland Family Redwood

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