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From: "Loretta Krumwiede Barlow" <>
Subject: [FO] RM/FO Users Dinner in Fort Wayne
Date: Wed, 1 Aug 2007 18:15:00 -0400

Thanks to Sue Foy for finding this link for me. Obvious, I know, but it
never even occured to me to look online for a menu for Casa Ristorante,
where I am planning the dinner on Aug. 17 at 7 p.m. After all, I generally
know what I want to eat there without much thought.

Menu for the restaurant is:

It will be best if we order off the menu rather than pre-order one or two
entrees. I just ask that everyone order with some promptness after we are
seated. It will have been a long day already.

I have about 11 people planning to attend as best my count goes. I did
remember to count myself. That includes Bruce and his wife, and Bruce has
promised to extend an invitation to Dick Eastman to attend as well.

If you haven't let me know that you plan to attend, please let me know by
next Monday. I probably won't need a firm head count, but I do want to make
sure I indicate the right number of tables we will need.

Remember -- tax on restaurant food is 7 percent, and with a group, a 20
percent gratuity will PROBABLY be added to your bill automatically.

We might attract some other attendees who aren't on this list once the
conference starts, too.

Off to a double family reunion this weekend -- Sprehe/Spree and Krumwiede --
both my paternal families. The double reunion happens only every three
years, so it's always exciting.

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