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From: Larry Coats <>
Subject: Barbara HASTINGS(?)and Reginald FARLEY
Date: Fri, 08 Sep 2000 19:51:29 -0500

Hello all,
After considerable trolling about and delving into the references that I
have, I continue to wonder about the Barbara Hastings who married
Reginald Farley. I cannot find a Barbara Hastings anywhere in the
pedigree of the Hastings Earls of Huntingdon. I have found an
unconfirmed note in genforum that Barbara Hastings was not born a
Hastings, but was, instead, a daughter of Sir Walter Devereaux by his
wife, Jane Scudamore.
Unfortunately, I can't find anything else to confirm this alleged
Devereaux connection.

So, I am left wondering as to who this Barbara Hastings really was. If
she is of a different Hastings family and not directly kin to the Earls
of Huntingdon, I could buy that, except that I don't find any other
Hastings families that might provide a connection, and I especially
don't find them around Towthorpe, Yorkshire.

Frankly, I am at a loss as to how to explain Barbara. Either this is a
genealogical BFO(blinding flash of the obvious)and the answer is right
under my nose OR she truly is an enigma and everyone else is just as
baffled as I am; in which case, I feel better, but not much.

If anyone out there has an opinion that I have not aired or, better yet,
if someone out there actually has the bona fide answer for Barbara
Hastings' ancestry, I would certainly be glad and relieved to hear from
Regards to all,

Larry D. Hamilton Coats
P.O. Box 823
Aspermont, TX 79502

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