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From: Judy Farris <>
Subject: [FARRIS-L] Origins of Farris surnames
Date: Sat, 07 Feb 1998 11:53:09 -0500

Subject: Origins of Farris surnames

Hi: John Adams Farris & Nancy Webb Wood.

I have been going around in circles for a few years searching for "Origins
of Farris"also.
Here is what I have:

Much info. on the Walchelin of Ferrieres line down through Henri de
Ferrieres (anglecised in the Doomsday Book to "Henry Of Ferrers.) Years ago
I obtained a gen. of Richard Ferris (Henrico Co., Va., not my line) in which
the writer stated "all spellings of the name claim decendt from Henrici De
Ferieres". I've tried to tie in to Henrici but no luck. It would be great
if we could because Wm. The Conqueror gave Henri a sizable chunk of England
and the family hobnobed with Kings and Queens from then on. For anyone that
is interested I have pictures and data of coats of arms for various Ferrers
c1200-1400. Copies of pages from Doomsday Book that mentioned Henry Ferrers
holdings in England. Copies of pages from THE MAGNA CHARTA BARONS with info.
re: the De Ferrers. Several gen. of the Ferrers line in England. I don't
think that my line (Ian Esom Farris c1662 ) descended from de Ferrieres.
Nancy, somewhere in my files I have a printout from the Net that states :
"David Ferris was believed the first in this country to change the name from
Ferrers to Ferris". I'll dig that out if you like.

I have a theory also ,John, that looks more interesting to me every time I
pursue it. Many years ago Randall Farris told me our Farris line was
descended from a Jewish Princess tha t came to Scotland when the Tribes of
Isreal were scattered. I remembered that last year when I came across a
ancestor chart of the present Prince Charles of England. This gen. carries
Charles line all the way back through Soloman and David to Judah through the
kings and queens of Scotland to about 500 BC when a jewish princess named
TEA TEPHI came to Scotland with her grandfather and they brought with them
the famous (presently called)Coronation Stone that sits under the throne at
Westminister Abbey, London. TEA TEPHI was the ancestor of the kings of
Scotland including FERGUS 1 and FERGUS THE GREAT. I have read that "Farris"
came from the name "Ferguson". Last week a kind lady on the internet advised
me "From all I could find the Farris name is a sept of Clan Fergusson."
("sept "means generally an allied family) "It was originally spelt Ferries.

I have a Coat of Arms picture (1) and data for:" O Fearguise, O Farris, O
Farrissa, O Fergus, O Ferris, Farris, Ferris, Farrissy. The root of the name
is a compound formed from the Gaelic "farr",
(better) and "gus", (choice), therefor "the better choice". The name was
founded in the 9th century by sept leaders of west Connaught who became
hereditary to the O Malley chieftains and erenaghs to the church property of
Rossinver, Co. Leitrim. It later appears in the lists of the Jacobite Army."
This tends to support my Ferguson theory a little.

http://www.tartans.com/clans/Farquharson/farquharson.html (also,
Fergusson/fergusson. html)
Both of these sites show "Ferries"as septs of both clans.

I have a copy of an old map of Scotland c 1460 that was compiled by a
English spy. It shows locations of castles , churches , rivers, mountains
etc: In the lower left corner it has the name "farris"written in old latin
manner with the s looking like the f. The interesting thing about this is
that the location of the name is near Rutherglen, which is a suburb of
Glasgow. John Farris McGaughy wrote in his family gen. that "the Farris
people were in Rutherglen , Scotland, 600 years before Ian Esom Farris came
to America c1662"

John, your info. re. the Arabic origins is very interesting. Once I had a
bank teller tell me that Farris meant "man on horseback"in Egyptian. I have
long thought the French line of de Ferrieres may have had origins from the
Roman army occupation of Europe and the latin spelling of "ferrous "and
"ferrier" (ïron worker).Many Roman soldiers did not return to Rome but
stayed in France.

Sorry to have made this so long but I would like to encourage more research
and discourse re our Farris surname . Hope to hear from you.
Dick Farris. Atlanta, Ga.

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