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From: Daniel Troublefield <>
Subject: Robert Faries, Shoemaker, York Co., SC, born before 1755
Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2005 01:06:14 -0500

Hi Deb, Justin, Dana, and Susan, and others,

So glad you brought this up, Justin. I've been working on Robert Faries'
family for a few years now. Along with a number of other Faries lines.

Like other Faries researchers, I more or less "threw out" my Joe Hart file
on Faris and started over from scratch and from the local records.

Robert was aged "45 & older" in 1800 federal census, York District,
South Carolina, and therefore born "before 1755".

However, Robert Faries had been in the area for over 30 years by 1800.
The area where he lived was next to Bethel Meeting House that became
Bethel Presbyterian Church (now north & east of Clover, SC). This area
was originally part of Anson, then Mecklenburg, then Tryon Co., North
Carolina in 1769 when he first appears in the local records. A new boundary
between the Carolinas was surveyed in 1772 and Robert's home was
successively in Craven Co., SC, Camden Dist., SC, Pinckney District,
SC, and finally in 1785 York District, South Carolina.

[July term 1769][Tryon County, North Carolina,
Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions]
A Deed of Sale from Jas Watson & Jane to Robert Faries Dated 1st of April
for 200 acres of land Wm Watson Evidence thereto. Ordered to be Registered.

[Tryon-Lincoln Co., NC, Deeds, Vol. 1]
Deed Book 1, pp. 62-63: 1 Apr 1769, Rabourt Fares, late of Mecklenburg Co.,
cordwainder [shoemaker], & James Watson of same, for one waggon and
hind gears being valued at 25 pounds proc[lamation] money...200 A[cres] on
waters of Allisons Creek adj. Samuel Watson, Simberral's [Simril's]
line... James Watson (SEAL), Jean Watson (SEAL),
Wit: James Reah, William Watson.
Rec. July term 1769.

[Part of Mecklenburg County was cut off to form Tryon County in 1769,
so Mecklenburg residents thereby became Tryon residents.]

His only wife was Hannah Faries. (More on that later.) At least part of
Hannah's family, her brothers John and James Faries were in the same
area at the same time.

Mecklenburg County, North Carolina
Deed Book Volume 3, pages 79-81:
4 Jan 1766,
John Bahanon & wife Ann of Mecklenburg, to John Faris & James Faris
of Mecklenburg, for 40 Pounds ... 480 Acres on West side Cata[w]ba [River],
opposite William Wilson, including the Great Island ...granted to Samuel
Bigham & Francis Beaty 16 Nov 1764, & then sold to sd. Bohannon
19 Apr 1765...
John Bochanan (Seal), Ann Bohannan (her A mark) (Seal).
Witnesses: Joseph Carrol, Walter Davis.
Proven April term 1768

[This "Great Island" was later called "Faris Island", "Long Island", and
finally "Huddles[t]on Island". It now lies under Lake Wylie across from
the town of Tega Cay on the east bank of the lake and the mouths of
Allisons Creek and Crowders Creek on the west bank.]

Louise Pettus hais an article coming out in the March issue of The Quarterly
(York Co. (SC) Genealogical & Historical Society) concerning the Journal
that Robert's brother-in-law Arthur Faries kept during a 1776 expedi-
tion against the Cherokee Indians. Louise Pettus, editor, does a great job.

John and James Faries, Hannah's brothers, married daughters of
James and Jean (Adair) Faries. James and Jean were here in York
Co., SC, as early as their relatives.

[April term 1769][Tryon County, North Carolina,
Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions]
Ordered by this Court that James Faires shall serve as Overseer of that
part of the Road Leading from Armour Ford to Charlestown Lying
between Crowders Creek & The Indian Line & that he enter on his
Charge accordingly.

Tryon-Lincoln Deeds
Deed Book 1, pp. 71-72: 26 Sep 1768, Moses Ferguson of
Mecklenburg Co., Schoolmaster, to James Ferguson late of
Mecklenburg Co., farmer, for 10 pounds.... land on both sides
of Allisons Creek adj. William Patrick, originally granted to
Hezekiah Alexander 9 Nov 1764 & conveyed by him to sd
Moses Ferguson...Moses Ferguson (SEAL),
Wit: Robert Ferguson, Jean (her N mark) Faris.
Rec. July term 1769.
I have (at least) three (maybe four) Faries lines myself:

(1) William Faris/Faires/Faries, born 1780
(son of Alexander Faries and his wife Janet James)
and Margaret Garison
(2) Samuel Faris..., born 1781
(son of Alexander Faries and Janet)
& his 2nd wife Eliza Garison
[Sam married 1st Margaret "Nancy" Brown]
(3) Mary (Farris) Ferguson, born 1789 in South Carolina,
wife of Thomas Ferguson, of Lincoln Co., NC

Mary Farris is my brick wall. She could fit as Mary daughter of
Robert and Hannah (Faries) Faries. [I can not prove this link, but
I can prove that Mary (Farris) O'Neal Ware identified by some as
daughter of Robert & Hannah, was not their daughter. Have this
other Mary's parents' probate records from Chester Co., SC.]

Hannah Faries' father left a will in Cecil County, Maryland, in
1757. Hannah named a son for him: Moses Faries. Hannah
and Robert named another son "Robert Arthur" for a family
friend Robert Arthur in Maryland. Another son was named
"John McWhorter" for the McWhorter family back in Delaware,
some of whose family came down to the Piedmont area of the
Carolinas as well. A daughter was named "Isabella Gordon".
These double-barrelled names (first and middle) did not come
into general use (except among German families) until after the
American Revolution. Other siblings of Hannah came to the
Carolinas, also. A brother, Moses Jr., served in the Delaware
Line and fought in the Battle of Camden (or at least his regiment
did), but Moses, Jr., seems to have returned to Delaware
after the fighting ended. Carole Werner has found a good deal
of information on the Faries families in Cecil Co., MD, but is
not responsible for my interpretation of her findings.

Robert, Hannah, and Arthur Faries were mentioned prominently
in the will of a local merchant and family friend named Robert
Miller. This friendly fellow was possibly remembered in the
name of "Robert Miller Farris", Justin's ancestor. Moses Faries,
son of Robert & Hannah, the youngest of the three Moses Faries
mentioned here, died in 1812 in Illinois. But between selling his
own land in York Dist., SC, and moving to Illinois, Moses Faries (III)
was said to have worked at Miller's Mill on Stice's Shoal of Broad
River in North Carolina. Our friendly merchant here (Robt. Miller)
had a store of some kind in the same general area of North Carolina
as mentioned in his will.

A mistake I made early on was thinking of the migrations west
and north of these Faries families individually. Descendants of
different lines from Robert and Hannah Faries have traced in
part their children's travels to Livingston County, Kentucky,
Hardeman County, Tennessee, and parts of Indiana and Illinois
for some and to Mississippi and Texas for others.

I thought of Hannah and Robert Arthur and David going to
KY. And Moses going to Illinois.

But Robert Arthur, David, and John McWhorter, all apparently
went to Illinois or Indiana, but not all necessarily at the same time
(thus explaining how Moses' widow in 1812 was on her own
instead of surrounded by in-laws.)

It would be good for the Robert/Hannah descendants to get
together more to compare notes and find more documentation.

Regards to all,
Dan Troublefield in York County

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