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Subject: Re: [FEEFHS] FEEFHS Digest, Vol 1, Issue 6
Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2007 10:14:29 EST

Dear Carol,

Thank you very much for your response to my lengthy e-mail.

I will try to attend an FEEFHS conference when I am able. Thank you for the

As for your question, "Did Karl and Hilma still have relatives in Sweden?"
Apparently, his second wife Hilma (perhaps the nanny my grandfather said his
father ran off with) was Swedish. I will attempt to obtain a copy of her SS
application in hopes of obtaining her maiden name and perhaps where in Sweden
she was born. Perhaps that will allow me to find relatives of hers living
today. If I can find them, maybe (fingers crossed) they will have some old
photos of my great grandfather. From my keyboard to God's ears!

I am familiar with the often gypsy type existence of many Jews through the
centuries. I wish to learn much more about the areas in which those
particular ancestors of mine came but I am unaware of the area from which it is
assumed my great grandparents came from in Germany. I am trying to understand if
there was something going on in Germany and/or Russia in the 1850's-1880's
that would prompt my great grandparents to move from Germany to Russia.

The fact that my apparently Russian born great grandfather (Karl Hugo
Gettner) had a daughter with a Swedish born native in Moscow in 1897, a year later
married her in St. Petersburg, and a year after that had a son with her in
Stockholm, Sweden (not far from her birth place of Uppsala) remains a bit of a
mystery to me. Obviously they had the financial means to travel about, but
how? Why travel between Russia and Sweden?

I can understand their desire to move to America, which they did in 1901.
In 1920 in Detroit, MI my great grandfather's occupation was listed as
"surveyor, instrument maker." Does that ring any bells for anyone?

At first my aunt thought that maybe since there are family resemblances to
Trotsky as well as others we have seen in certain books on the Russian
Revolution that maybe Karl Hugo Gettner went back to Russia after Trotsky was in New
York (where Karl was living with his wife and children) in 1910 enlisting
Russian Jews to return to fight for the Bolshevik cause.

If anyone has any clue as to why German's would move to Russia in the mid
1800's please contact me.

If anyone has any clues as to why a Russian man involved with a Swedish
woman (in the late 1800's) would travel about in Russia with her, have a child
there with her, marry her there, and then leave Russia altogether before March
1899, please let me know.

There are certain emigration and immigration patterns through history. I am
wondering if any of the wanderings of my ancestors followed any of those

Best Wishes,

Sheila Andersen

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